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Batman: Arkham Knight is a narrative juggernaut crammed to capacity with excellent heroes, villains, battles, drama, humor, fan service, and the mother of all plot twists (you won’t see this one coming, folks). Arkham Knight is easily the most engaging story in the series – a tale that caters just as much to people seeking a high-octane, rock ‘em sock ‘em superhero war as it does those cerebral storyphiles looking for a jaw-dropping narrative. Outside of one of Batman’s wonderful toys having a flat tire for a significant chunk of this experience, Arkham Knight is a welcome assault of comic-book bliss and stunning new-gen visuals.

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etownone1155d ago

I'm still looking to see if ps4 is the superior version.

Toiletsteak1155d ago

The PC will be the superior version but why does that matter no matter what system you play it on you will still have fun.

Septic1155d ago

Its common sense by now surely.

PC > PS4 > X1

etownone1155d ago

I'm waiting to see between xb1 and ps4.

I like my ps4... But I prefer the xb1 controller...

But if one (ps4) runs at 1080p and the other doesn't... I'm going with ps4

spicelicka1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

Unless you have both systems I don't see why it matters.

MasterCornholio1155d ago

Well the PS4 version runs in 1080P at an almost locked 30FPS.

But if all you care about is the controller then just get the XB1 version. While it isn't as polished as the PS4 version its still extremely good.

Also you can also take into account the exclusive content that the PS4 version has.

ABizzel11155d ago

PS4 version has exclusive content, get that one. Otherwise get the PC version if you have a capable enough PC.

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moomoo3191155d ago

Every time they showed gameplay, I asked


now every review says that is the worst and most unnecesary part of the game.

Im pissed they had to shoe-horn that in.

scark921155d ago

I felt the same way when seeing gameplay!

Scatpants1155d ago

I like the fact that it changes up gameplay and offers a diversion to the core game. The question is is it overused.

moomoo3191155d ago

Seemingly, the answer is yes lol

Sketchy_Galore1155d ago

I thought the same and had the same thoughts about Batman stomping around in a heavy ass mech suit. To be honest I've not had a good feeling about this game at all since it looked like they were trying to Michael Bay the whole thing rather than staying true to the feel of the comics so it's good to see it actually get great reviews so far. I'm still a little apprehensive about the tone of it but I'm happy enough to go buy it.

oIITSBIIo1155d ago

This is the sh*t not those idiots in GS.

hades071155d ago

Well this is probably the best review I have read so far, very little in terms of spoilers. It appears that it is an awesome game but everyone is disliking the tank/shooting parts.

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