Xbox One eSRAM Can Cause Minor Issues Managing Render Targets - Adventure Time Dev

Vicious Cycle Software CEO also talks higher visual fidelity versus a better frame rate.

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corroios1245d ago

Nothing new here. Every gamer already knows that unified memory is better then the esram setup... Move along.

3-4-51245d ago

* Whenever I hear dev's say what can't be done, I look at what HAS been accomplished on said system and laugh.

* " This is hard".." this makes it difficult"..."this can't be done"...

And then we see like 4-5 other teams of developers figure out a way to do it.

* What that tells me is that there are a ton of dev's within video games who aren't as good at what they do as they think they are.

* Just because I can't accomplish a task, doesn't make it difficult or impossible.

3rd Party Dev's " Wii U isn't powerful enough"

Then we see Nintendo put out Mario Kart 8 & SM3DWorld and I'm like.....yea your lying.

1245d ago
Gh05t1245d ago

You forgot to add the /s at the end of your obviously sarcastic sentance... at least i hope you were being sarcastic.

Dlacy13g1245d ago

so based on their comments I would expect this game to ship 1080p 30fps.

whitesoxfalife19761245d ago

I think some of these devs needs to go back to school. They whine and complain that they can't find a way to hit their target. But two days later we another dev saying well we didn't do this right from jump. I say stop whining and do ya job first instead finding somebody website to throw salt at Microsoft CUZ you cant code properly

wegetsignalx1245d ago

These are hard working developers, no need to insult them for stating the obvious that a split ESRAM+DDR3 is more difficult to code for than unified GDDR5.

hoju691245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

No one here seems to have a clue of what "Render Target" means. It has nothing to do with intended performance of a game. IT IS A TECHNICAL TERM. A Render Target is a memory buffer (in RAM) that draws a single frame. This can, and usually is, combined with other render targets of different channels (i.e. diffuse lighting, depth data, normal data, specular data, shadows, etc. etc.) and composited into the final rendered frame that is displayed. So yes, RAM (especially Video RAM) can have a big impact on Render Targets. This is one of the many reasons VRAM on PC graphics cards use GDDR5.

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The story is too old to be commented.