TeamXbox: 1942 Joint Strike Review

TeamXbox writes: "Capcom's 1942 arcade game was a challenging-if nondescript-looking-vertical scroller. After all, back in 1984, it wasn't about thousands of colors, 3-D landscapes and particle effects. It was all about the gameplay, and there was little you had to do in the engaging flight combat other than moving your plane, firing your weapon and avoiding enemy gunfire. Sure, the gameplay formula was easy, but the "staying alive" part was distinctly harder.

Today, developers can take old games such as 1942 and deck them out with all of the glitzy graphics and special effects the hardware can dish out and still bring the same compelling gameplay over to Xbox Live Arcade and make a popular release out of it for a low price (both to create and for the consumer to buy). Sometimes it works well, but sometimes it doesn't carry over. With the release of 1942: Joint Strike to XBLA this week, Capcom is hoping for the former."

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