Square Enix Wins Cheers, Share Gain on Final Fantasy Trailer

Square Enix Holding Co.’s shares jumped to the highest level in more than six years after the creator of the Final Fantasy franchise announced a new installment of the game for Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4.

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PaleMoonDeath1246d ago

Very happy to see, maybe now they'll actually listen to the people that buy their products, only good could come from doing so.

Nineball21121246d ago

I agree Twiggy. If they are more receptive to what the fans want, I think they'll be much better as a company.

mikeslemonade1245d ago

Sony won because all those games also are on the PS4. And then Sony also have games that are not from SE. So therefore it's impossible for SE to win.

DarkOcelet1246d ago

The new CEO looks cool. I think he is making the company go into the right direction and there seems to be an air of respect from both the employers and the CEO and that is a good thing.

Spotie1246d ago

With a lot of the other games they showed off, I think they've finally gone back to listening. For my part, I'm super happy to see a return to Nier, one of my favorite games last gen.

christian hour1246d ago

Would be kind of funny if FF7 Remake turned out to be vaporware, and Squeenix just really wanted to sell off the entire company in the next month, so they pulled it out of the bag just to raise the stock prices haha. Wouldnt put it past them.

Of course, then there'd be rioting, murder, suicide, babys eating babys, the world would eat itself and implode!

I cannot WAIT to see the remake in action. I cannot wait to leave midgar for the first time and see somethign I havent seen in a final fantasy game in 2 generations... A GOD DAMN WORLD MAP!!!

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TheColbertinator1246d ago

Listening to fans helps your company. Who knew?

FarEastOrient1246d ago

I wished Sega did the same thing.

TheColbertinator1246d ago

Relaunching Shenmue 3 is a good start

christian hour1246d ago

Apparently everyone knew but square-enix. They only just got the memo apparently :P

Better late than never though :)

I hope they get Nobuo Uematsu back to at least oversee whatever remastering/recording they do for the music. He is essential to the soul of that game. In an era where there was no great detail for faces to emote, and no voice acting to get across feelings and motives/emotions, his music had to deliver ALL of that.

This is why a lot of videogame music sucks these days, its taken a backseat and a hans zimmer approach, although there is the odd game now and then with incredible unique and memorable music (transistor anyone?)

Cant wait to see how this remake plays out :)

reaper6021246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Good job SE now lets get a remake of Chrono Trigger done.

Stringerbell1246d ago

Dear Sqaure,

Please dont make Vincent some sort of a DLC character.

christian hour1246d ago

I never even thought of that being a possibility... they couldnt... they wouldnt... would they? They could... they would... but... No. No, musnt think of it. Musnt speak of it. SSSSH!

Vincent And Yuffie must remain intact as they always were, optional, but ever present.

Please square, no pre-order store exclusive gimmicks, no removal of the european/international edition WEAPON boss's, please do not sell us back core content.

You've made the first generous stride you've made in at least a decade by announcing ff7 remake, please don't ruin it all by ripping pieces out for a buck :(

Dammit stringerbell, now my dreams shall be plagued by microtransaction nightmares!

Stringerbell1245d ago

lol sorry. Imagine... Knights of the Round, extra mini games at the Golden Saucer, all DLC. Pre-order at Gamestop and you get the exclusive Fort Condor mini game! Sweet dreams =p

Skate-AK1246d ago

Hopefully they have become addicted to this kind of response and keep wanting more.