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Rocksteady has finally made a game where I can do everything that Batman does in the opening of the ‘90s Animated Series. I can turn up in a Batmobile, glide out, beat up some thugs and then pose dramatically as I gaze across Gotham City’s skyline. Arkham Knight is full of moments like this - scenes that recall the best bits of the Dark Knight from across the character’s history, brought to life in an extraordinary open world. This is intended to be the complete Caped Crusader experience, the studio’s triumphant farewell, but the attempt to weave the Batmobile into the series’ existing game design creates its own problems.

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PaleMoonDeath1251d ago

Just peak at the score and move on folks, let NOTHING spoil it for you! only three days left!!

wolf5811251d ago

heyyy i just finshed witcher 3 i have no time for an other perfect game...