DOOM Looks Better Without Its Ridiculously Overused Yellow Filter

Thomas of DSOGaming writes: "Yesterday, John shared a comparison between an image from the new Doom game and a photoshopped one that added more colour to it. Now while this comparison looked great and the shopped imaged looked better, this is something that won’t be easily achieved via a SweetFX mod."

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UKmilitia982d ago

im not quite sure why they using the yellow filter but it looks 10times better without it.

abstractel980d ago

Disagree. Love the yellow filter. Think the game was one of the best looking at E3 after the top dogs.

theXtReMe1981d ago

I agree. Looks much better without it. Hopefully, this will be brought to their attention and maybe they can give gamers the ability to turn it off. I know they think they are adding atmosphere, but they are really just obscurring what is a gorgeous looking game.

ninjahunter981d ago

It could be to alleviate eyestrain, which is very common among fast paced games with sharp graphics.

timmyp53981d ago

It's honestly not that bad. You could always just fix it yourself with your tv playing on your console or easily on pc.

Raf1k1981d ago

I think it's down to the kind of atmosphere they're trying to create.

That yellowy thick smogginess lends quite a lot to the feel of the environment. Without it looks like the air is too clean.

Viryu981d ago

I could somehow understand the allure of using the filter for screenshots or artworks, but I do agree with most commenters, it would just look better without it.

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The story is too old to be commented.