Game Revolution: Supreme Commander 360 Review

Game Revolution writes: "Like the Balkans, porting PC games to consoles has a long and troubled history. Most offspring of the PC-console relationship come out looking like the product of many generations of deliberate and careful inbreeding. Some genres-like FPS games-have translated well, while others-like RTS games and MMOs-haven't fared so well. The trip from PC-land to Console-vania is a treacherous one and is fraught with great peril, with only a select few surviving the journey intact.

Real-time strategy games are only now starting to prove that they, too, might be able to make the transition to consoles, but Supreme Commander, unfortunately, is not one of those games. In its console incarnation, it looks like the three-eyed, seven-fingered little sibling of its brilliant PC counterpart. You can see the resemblance as the 360 iteration shares many of the qualities that made the original great, but it's impossible to ignore the console version's off-the-charts freak quotient."

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