Limited Edition Silver Mario Amiibo only $12.96 / £13.50

Dealspwn: Stop reading, just click the link and get on this super cheap deal before it goes out of stock again. That's right, you can import the incredibly rare Limited Edition Silver Mario Amiibo from the states for just £13.50 with shipping. As a low value item, you won't have to pay tax. US buyers will only have to pay $12.96 plus shipping.

Limited Edition Silver Mario Amiibo - £13.50/$12.99
This will be much more expensive once stock sells out and you have to go on eBay so act fast if you don't want to be disappointed.

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Blues Cowboy1248d ago

Do I need this? I dont... know... okay fine, there's gotta be some mad resale value here.

bggriffiths1248d ago

That was my plan last time these were in stock. But my hoarding mentality seems to have taken over now. MINE!

ZeekQuattro1248d ago

I went to my local Gamestop and they had some Silver Marios. I passed on it. I have my eyes on Falco, Roy and Mewtwo now.