Halo 5 Microtransactions are a good thing

When 343i announced the addition of microtransactions to Halo 5: Guardians, plenty of people took to the internet in disgust. The negative publicity was so great in fact, that 343i actually had to step in and write a post to explain what was going on. I know exactly what you’re thinking, “What the hell are they doing? There’s no way I’m paying! It will ruin the game balance!” Well actually, there’s plenty of positives to this announcement if you put your fanboy rage aside and think about it.

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HaveSumNuts1273d ago

"Microtransactions are a good thing" all they've done is taken away things that we use to unlock from playing the game and made us start paying for them. End result being no reward for the player whatsoever for playing a game constantly. How in the hell could that ever be good?

DivoJones1273d ago

If there was weapon damage bonuses that were affected I would agree. But with it all being cosmetic, it at least gives some of us the opportunity to get some of the cooler looking items. In Halo 4 there was flaming helmets and whatnot, I never had a shot at unlocking those. And for all we know there's still a way to unlock them by simply playing.

Godmars2901273d ago

"And for all we know there's still a way to unlock them by simply playing."

Didn't MS introduce microtransactions into Forza for things you culd earn through play, increasing cost far in excess of what they had been before?

Even if in this case they rise earned costs marginally, that's still punishing gamers who normally earn those items or effects.

monkey6021273d ago

That defeats the purpose of earning it then though. It's not such a feat reaching a benchmark for an unlock when some tool with more money than sense can pay to have it too.

Somebody1273d ago

"Besides this, 343i has assured us that a balancing system will be in place to make sure they can’t be abused by pay-to-win players"

Sounds like there is pay-to-win, not just cosmetic stuff. Why would they need to create a balancing system if they only sell flaming helmets and whatnot?

Ron_Danger1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

@godmars, monkey, and Somebody

You guys are are trying to bring common sense to an argument seeded in hypocrisy. Don't forget, no matter what the subject matter, the one game that journalists seem to never ever bad mouth (out of nerd rage fear) is the Halo series.

Just look at what happened with The Halo:MCC launch. No day one review mentioned the server issues, yet (preemptively put your digital pitchforks away) Drive Club was destroyed cause of it. Even after months and months of the fanboys saying that the MCC worked fine, MS was putting out twitter messages saying they were still working on the problems. If the source is telling you there are problems and the press is doing their best to sweep it under the rug, it's not hard to read between the lines.

The press loves to attack games for having micro transactions at launch (remember the insane number of articles when Evolve launched?!) but now Halo gets the free pass because of what??

badz1491273d ago

Seriously...because it's Halo, so microtransactions are a good thing? That's not bias and not stupid at all! /s

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Slevon1273d ago

I agree its not a good thing, there is no positive way to swing it but you still do earn everything by playing the game the same way you normally would. If you ignore it like most gamers will it will be the same, but agreed unnecessary. I allow it/ignore it because they are giving free dlc maps

Ripsta7th1273d ago

Diffrrence is now your gonna have to work twice as hard to earn those cosmetic items
Eg. Forza 5

Elit3Nick1273d ago

I'm not sure if I understood but there isn't anything that's only unlockable through MTs. I'm normally wary of them but since proceeds go to Halo Championship prize pools I'm fine with that.

3-4-51273d ago

* So in Halo: Reach when we played and unlocked custom parts for free.

They are charging for that now ?

Yea.....How about No Scott.

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Yukes1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Must admit, my first thought on reading the article title was 'wtf!'
But you actually make some really good points, particularly this one: 'consider for a moment that all those impatient 12-year-old kids are the ones helping us get free DLC'.
I've never understood paying out more to bypass any sense of satisfaction derived from progression in any game, but if others want to do it and it means it funds new maps, then by all means go for it!

AtomicGerbil1273d ago

We accept this now in any form or by any excuse and it becomes the norm, then what?...Publishers are always looking for more ways to fleece the consumer, so we have to stop this now.

Fine, it helps fund free maps, but my issue with unlockables being available for cash is that the said unlockables are usually made more irritating gain than normal to incentivize the player to pay...something that will get worse if not stopped.

The Championship reason I don't believe for a second, simply because there is usually sponsorships involved.

rezzah1272d ago

The positive in microtransactions only exists once Halo is involved. Every other game gets torn to shreds.

Kane221273d ago

paying for stuff that use to be unlocked back in the day is now a good thing....

HaydenJameSmith1273d ago

Did you even read the article ?

It's completely optional.

"Firstly, these packs are available for free to players who want to play the game normally. So there’s no need to worry about any ugly paywalls. Secondly, consider for a moment that all those impatient 12-year-old kids are the ones helping us get free DLC. 343i announced that all future maps will cost nothing. Questions were asked on how they would fund the added content. Well, now those questions have been answered."

If it's the same approach Mass Effect 3 MP took or GTA Online, where there not splitting the community with DLC and just adding in optional microtransactions for skins and armor etc. Sounds pretty good to me, I don't have to pay for Map packs, I get to play all the playlists (no map restricted playlists) and unlock goodies with my play time. All tat the expense of a few scrubs who are to lazy to earn the required REQ points to buy there stuff.

UnwanteDreamz1273d ago

Using GTA is a horrible example. If not for all the money glitches early on pay to win players would have had a distinct advantage over earners.

HaydenJameSmith1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

GTA Online might not be the best example but your completely disregarding how well it worked with Mass Effect 3 MP and for the record I never ever purchased any of the micro transactions (or used money glitching which btw that money was removed by Rockstar after a large amount of updates) in either GTA Online and Mass Effect MP and yet those two communities and thriving with free content because of those people who like to waste their money on shark cards in GTA when you could just earn the money from heists or job or other activities. Or in ME3 you can earn credits per match in game and buy battlepacks that way instead of using your own money...

There will always be a bunch of people who will waste their money on these things so let them if it means the rest of us get free content and maps.

memots1273d ago

suddenly its a good thing.

die_fiend1273d ago

MS just never seem to want to do the right thing anymore. Microtransactions to speed up progression are bullsh!t, especially when it will result in in-game unlocks being excruitiatingly long to incentivise people to spend their real cheddar. F-you 343 industries, enjoy becoming the next COD. And Halo 4 was actually an excellent game...such a shame!

REDDURT1273d ago

Come on really micro transactions are always annoying.

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