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There is a lot wrong with Too Human; the camera is difficult to control, the graphics are a bit sub-par, the graphical style is way more than sub-par, the animations are of the worst level of quality, the music is generic, and the voice acting is quite bad (though in the videogame business that means it's pretty average).

However, when playing the game there is an inescapable, pervasive sense of fun that you just can't put your finger on.

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Playstation Man3771d ago

So despite the fun that can be had with Lair and Haze, their technical mess was enough to THRASH the games right to hell. A 360 exclusive? *phew* are you kidding me? Now all of a sudden fun factor (or personal motivation to defend) = 8/10 atleast.

We'll see come August, but I'm crying foul ahead of time. I played that demo. There was no undeniable sense of fun had in it. That camera and clunky controls RUINED it for me. But hey, who am I but a consumer that these media type are suppose to UNBIASEDLY inform?

Vecta3771d ago

They are saying that the gameplay is fun enough that they mostly forget about its technical faults whereas a game like Lair the faults are bad enough that they cant forget about them and get lost in the fun gameplay.

Playstation Man3771d ago

Honestly, when you read that list of faults, would it really be easy to get over it when we thrash entire games for faulty cameras? That's only one of the flaws they mentioned. If this averages higher than 6.9/10 there's a double standard out there that's just not fair to any title on PS3/Wii or hell even some M$ games despite the medias obsession with them.

Drekken3771d ago

Haze had a few fun parts, but it was lame. Lair was the worst (besides that sonic crap) game Ive played on ps3. You arent supposed to get frustrated to the point of hating the game when you play. Lair succeeded in that. They might have patched it... but too late.

I was hoping Too Human was a hit. We will see !

pumpkinpunker3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

you're lying. you never played the too human demo.

all your posts are about PS3 games and how awesome they are and how crappy every 360 game is. you just go way too overboard to be believable. you never, ever talk about any xbox 360 games positively and it's obvious you don't own a 360. you're full of it. you're an emo sony fanboy who trolls 360 forums because your precious little console is so unpopular and it bugs the hell out of you.

you even made a stupid statement in one of your posts about gears of war, saying it's not about scale like resistance is but about small battles in enclosed areas. if you had actually played the game you would know there are freakin' huge monsters in Gears of War in open spaces. but, no, you just shot your mouth off using the E3 buzz word for Resistance 2 in order to make ignorant jab at Gears of War.

dude, just quit N4G. seriously. you're being found out left and right.

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Nasim Detective3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

It is one of his newer accounts. I have been tracking him and registering him on my IP tracking software.

Soon all of his accounts will be revealed. He is crazy. He uses his multiple accounts to have conversations with himself.

Playstation Man
Poor Xbots
Ram Magnums

The list goes on and on.

Playstation Man3771d ago

I know who Nasim is and I know why you're all after his trolling butt. I'm not Nasim, if I were I'd be at the top of every Open Zone ripping 360 aimlessly. If you look at my post history, I've praised Halo Wars and talked in reasonable economic terms for the most part about the 360 vs PS3 war.

I'm not Nasim and you can track me if you want to find out for yourself. Whatever makes you sleep at night man.

juuken3771d ago

For a sure don't do your research carefully. Good Lord, you bots are so delusional that you think Nasim is everywhere.

TheColbertinator3771d ago

So are you an anti-troll?Because their are plenty of Microsoft,Sony,and Nintendo trolls all over.But what about getting rid of the Sony trolls and Microsoft trolls.They suck and ain't funny.

DJ3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

And why do you spend your days scouring the universe for him?

*Edit: the plot thickens.

Wildarmsjecht3771d ago

Nasim Detective is Bloodmask. There. I did it too. Although I'm kinda sure bout mine.

Playstation Man3771d ago

He's PoG/Mart/Crab/...w/e else that guy goes under.

GiantEnemyCrab3771d ago

I always figured that and the fact that he is now accusing me of being PoG and the others in the exact same order as Nasim does makes me believe even more.

Go get'em detective but be careful because they are like a swarm and will soon have you banned and your bubbles will be exstinguished because you do not join in the PS3 circle jerk.

TheColbertinator3771d ago

@Giant Enemy Crab So you want to stop trolls by acting like a troll?How has that been working out for you?

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Nasim Detective3771d ago

I have added him to my tracking list. Nasim must be revealed to N4G.

The gaming GOD3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

You're making yourself look like a loser for tracking him with the sole purpose of "exposing" him.

You even went as far as to find and register his Ip in your ip tracking software? Come on man, be serious here.

This makes you look just as bad as the person you're tracking

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