Fallout 4 Will Let You Switch Between Codsworth And Dogmeat

Sometimes you feel like a robot, sometimes you feel like a dog.

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medman948d ago

I'll be honest, the robot's voice is not something I would want to deal with listening to all the time. Maybe with a different voice actor, but not with the voice they went with.

Immorals948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

But he could show you a jolly good time!

'Now if you follow me my good sir, I know a fine place for a tipple, we can have a spiffing time. '

Testfire948d ago

Iirc, the dev said you could shoot Codsworth if you wanted, problem solved.

-Foxtrot948d ago

You can go off by yourself right? I don't want the Dog around constantly, I mean the fact he can't die and he helps you would make things a little bit easier so I'd rather go off on my own.

OhReginald948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Yes you can play without a NPC follower, which is my personal preference when playing open world games. I seen in the stage demo you have an option to yell at the dog and have him scamper off.

Simco876948d ago

The only time I loved a companion was with Boone. Dude made going places you couldn't go possible.

ceballos77mx948d ago

Dogmeat will be a house pet, like my last one, learned my lesson when poor dogmeat the first became a snack for a Death claw

bitboi948d ago

I'll def be going with Cogsworth,he'll be holding all my extra stuff! Just like the last robot I used in Fallout3, my personal moving storage haha

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