The problem with Shenmue 3

Rice Digital explores what gamer's can truly expect from the most wanted sequel in gaming.

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DaveyB1274d ago

Really nice read that. I agree that to expect the same level of ambition from Shenmue 3 is unrealistic - but personally, I'm just pleased the story will finally be told.

freshslicepizza1273d ago

it's finally going to get made so that's a positive. will it be as ambitious as shenmue 2? doubtful and shenmue 3 won't come out until 2017 at the earliest.

Patashnik1274d ago

Yeah, whatever it turns out to be like - I just want to get my hands on Lan Di.

Not in a sexy way - I just want to kill him.

MWH1273d ago

Lan Di is ruthless and cold but I believe there's a lot more about him than meets the eye.

Patashnik1273d ago

Yeah, I think you're right. I think Ryo's Dad actually did something really bad.

Hoffmann1273d ago

Lan Di is Ryo's father, that would be such a Plot Twist!

jay21273d ago

Shut up you idiot, this was always meant to be a trilogy, Sony and others are funding as well do dont say anything about the amount of money, we're helping not fully funding.

Morpheuzpr1273d ago

Yeah people don't understand that kickstarter is being used now as the new pre-order. Basically is a strategy to garner interest.

spartanlemur1273d ago

I hope you don't mean that in a bad way.

I actually hope that major studios use Kickstarter more so that crazy yet cool ideas which the suits say won't sell win the test of public interest. It might encourage larger companies to take risks again, which is a great thing.

chrisx1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

The only problem I have with shenmue 3 is how long I gotta wait to get my hands on it.

OrangePowerz1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Well they will get funding outside of Kickstarter. While games got more expensive to make in some ways they also got cheaper. Licensing the Unreal 4 engine will be a lot cheaper compared to making the engine Shenmue used back in the days. Voice recording at that time might have been more expensive. It's a lot easier now to get voice actors and to have or rent voice recording facilities.

Clearly with the money from Kickstarter it wouldn't be possible to make a game on the scale of the previous Shenmue games with up to date tech, bit they do get other funding. I don't think they would need 100 million for it. Without knowing the exact scope of the game it's not that easy to judge, but I would guess 20-30 million in total would be sufficient. I don't expect it to go up against GTA, Yakuza, Sleeping Dogs, etc. I see Shenmue 3 as fan service, just like The Ladt Guardian is fan service given after so many years I can't see them making any profit on it.

I'm just happy to get the conclusion to the story even if the game won't be on the same scale as the previous two games. As long as the story is good and we get our conclusion I'm happy.

DaveyB1273d ago

yeah, just the fact we're getting this at all is great news.
Also, I agree, I think it's possible to remake the first game from scratch using Unreal 4 for a reasonably modest sum? Dev tech has come on a long, long way to what the original team had to use!

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