Yoichi Wada leaves Square Enix

Once-upon-a-time Square Enix boss, Yoichi Wada, has left the company.

Wada stepped down as president in 2013 following a disastrous year for Square Enix but remained on as chair of Square Enix Tokyo (albeit one with no executive powers) until June 16, 2015.

The announcement on Facebook acknowledged that Wada spearheaded overseas expansion, growth across Asia, free-to-play initiatives and cloud-based gaming, and thanked him for his contributions.

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Dark_Overlord1278d ago

Yes FINALLY!!!!!

This guy single handed destroyed what made Square and Enix so great >:(

raWfodog1278d ago

Maybe now they can get back on track and start giving the fans the games we are craving. Very good first step with FFVII Remake...

rextraordinaire1278d ago

Ans Star ocean, Front Mission! Glory days are back!

never4get1278d ago

Deus Ex Human Revolution & Mankind Divided got Amazing CG Trailer thanks to the person who bought Eidos.

1278d ago
_-EDMIX-_1278d ago

I mean since him stepping down positions, they started to do amazing things. Square at one time seeked to be aiming to be the Japanese EA and it just didn't work for them. Good luck to him, but its good to see Square being with like minded folks. The fans want traditional RPGs and are not scared to buy them. (ie Bravely Default)

So I can't say its just be all bad with him, but clearly him stepping down lots of things changed for the better. I want to see Square do well at budgeting, management of time with releases and I want Square to STAY JAPANESE! I get Square owns Eidos and lets them do their own thing which is GREAT, but I want Square in terms of their JRPGs, to keep them JRPGs... I don't care for them trying to some how seek approval and WOW the west, you just can't compete like that. I like the WRPGs for what they are, I like JRPGs for what they are.

I like to see Square actually going back to those roots with Bravely Default, Star Ocean, Nier etc as they are not afraid to go FULL Japanese!

I want Square to be like Sega in that respect of excepting that you make Japanese games and be the BEST at that vs trying to make more money trying to please the west. The west wants those titles to ironically enough to be Japanese. I'm happy to see Square focusing on that concept more then what they were trying last gen.

bouzebbal1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

now SE can become squaresoft after a long period of suffering due to this moron.. it's nice toenter the mobile market but it's not ok to give the middle finger to the fans who helped SE be the massive the major company it is today.
i am loving SE now and i want to support them more.
Dragon Quest Heroes, Hitman, Just Cause, TR and last but not least Deus Ex!

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Dir_en_grey1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

His contract actually ended on the same day FF7 remake was announced.
The joke in Japan is that this is no coincidence and the Wada curse was real.

tiffac0081278d ago

Its hard to dispute that xD

3-4-51278d ago

Does this mean we might actually get some more regular Dragon Quest games in the west now ?

Magicite1278d ago

After this guy stepped down, things started to look much better at SE camp. I think glory days of Squaresoft can once return now.

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Majin-vegeta1278d ago

Lets hope SE can redeem itself.With the lately game news coming from them.It's a start

Kurisu1278d ago

They have a ton of games announced, which is great. I know SE have done a lot of mobile games lately but if that's what they needed to do to raise money to fund all these titles then so be it.

Agent_00_Revan1278d ago

They've been on a very good track for the past 12 months. I hope they can keep it rolling.

showtimefolks1278d ago

Squre has been doing great lately so keep it up and good bye to this man

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