Fallout 4 May Not Have the Best Graphics, But Here's Why That's OK

The Fallout series is not known for having the best graphics, and Fallout 4 will be no different. But that is not necessarily a bad thing, Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines said today at E3 2015.

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Mithan1249d ago

I can live with lesser graphics, the mod community will fix that anyways.

I just don't want game play or world size cut down due to the consoles. That can't be fixed.

Anyways, should be an awesome game. Can't wait.

nucky641249d ago

you mean like gtav or witcher3 world size was cut down because of consoles??? S

come on, man.

Unreal011249d ago


Get off your high horse. There are some huge open world games on consoles, try again. And good luck, you're going to be waiting a good while before you have some decent graphics mods, because that's clearly all you really care about. Meanwhile we'll be enjoying this fantastic game on our terrible terrible consoles.

raWfodog1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

It's sad when this needs to be constantly stated but I hope it will eventually sink in for some people. Yes, highly-detailed graphics are great to look at but gamers will basically play any game that is fun for them regardless of the graphics.

chrisx1249d ago

Fallout 4 doesn't need the best graphics. Be ready for an epic journey

Dirtnapstor1249d ago

Here we go. "Not the best graphics..." What are we expecting of this new-gen cycle really? Make things more busy on-screen and mechanics or improve the visuals...or both? Newer consoles are supposed to bring it when it comes to the visual department.

That being said, I'm not complaining about the visuals of FO4 at all. The series has it's own signature look.

It cracks me up when a developer releases a trailer and everyone pans it because it doesn't look next-gen. Think about the the initial FO4 trailer and the responses. Think about Gears4 and the responses it got. Pick a game. The visuals are commented on first and people complain. Obviously not every teaser falls into this category.
Then you see a lot of articles and comments about how "gaming is about the gameplay" or "I don't care about the graphics". Then why not stick to your PS3 or 360?!
I just think this is ironic coming from the mouths of gamers.

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