New Fatal Frame 4 trailer is chilling

A new Fatal Frame 4 trailer for Wii has been released.

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forum_crawler3800d ago

This game looks very, very nice. I hope it can top Resident Evil 4 Wii in gameplay and scaryness; that would be sweet.

So far, it looks very dark, and mysterious. I like that.

The have at least one sale (me).

adnanrules3800d ago

Been looking forward to this fisrt 1 hsit me up this one looks goo dthe graphics are

Zerodin3800d ago

Looks kinda cool in a "Pokemon Snap meets the Poltergeist" sorta way.

Superfragilistic3800d ago


And I agree that I'll give it a shot and it might just be a reason not to sell my Wii. ;)

Lelouch V Brit3800d ago

Looks Great but Meh, I want a PS3/Xbox 360 Version.

Zerodin3800d ago

I don't see it happening.

Product3800d ago

the 3rd comment down in the actually link is hilarious!

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The story is too old to be commented.