Why Bungie had to reward year one Guardians

Shane Wall - "If you’re still playing Destiny, it’s a safe bet to say you’re a super fan who’s devoted a ridiculous number of hours to the game. So given the only people still playing — and haven’t succumbed to the general Destiny hatred — obviously have the game already, how do you feel about “The Taken King” Collector’s Edition?"

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Septic1247d ago

A few shaders and emblems have stayed the author's rage regarding this?

I'll be missing out on this expansion methinks.

Saijahn1247d ago

maybe an exotic or 2 would've been nice.

ChozenWoan1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

THK should be $20 max. Then players would have spent around the same amount of money as new players for the same content. Although I do recall Bungie stating that the next dlc would be free for all players, thus I am somewhat jaded.
At the current pace it will cost $120+/- a year to keep playing this game, thus I'm starting to count the days till The Division launches.

irishyort1247d ago

Maybe we should get other rewards for being loyal.

There's a tonne of us with hundreds of hours that don't have a certain exotic rocket launcher, there is probably a tonne that have never seen all the exotic guns either. If we had a request to receive reward menu, I think it would make people less bitter. It'd do me, however for some, it wont be good enough.

With Fallout 4 just around the corner, things like this are not keeping me interested, so they really should think more about the long term players. For example, Xur isn't selling anything good this week either, so off to the Handsome collection for me.

rezzah1247d ago

I'm just interested in the class armor that grants extra exp.

Wolfgang1871247d ago

Can't believe anyone still plays this grindfest

Jmanzare1246d ago

Wouldn't be a destiny thread without this stupid comment... Go away

DivoJones1246d ago

Yes, since you don't like it or got tired of it must mean literally everyone else stopped playing as soon as you did. Idiot.

Mr-Dude1243d ago

Popped your bubble for personal attack. Wasn't called for, and immature.

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