Is AMD’s New Fury GPU A Titan-Killer?


"AMD wheeled out a whole new family of graphics cards at E3 this week. And there was much rejoicing. Well, there was much scripted triumphalism on the keynote stage, at any rate. I say a whole new family. Inevitably, there’s some (read: a lot of) rebadging of existing GPUs. But there is one entirely new GPU, known as Fury. It’s an absolute beast and it costs a bomb. So not many of us will be buying it. But it does debut that snazzy new HBM memory tech. Anyway, as Uncle Ben would say and would probably make for more compelling dialogue than the gunk that actually makes the big-screen cut, with new GPU badges sometimes comes much improved value for money…"

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ATi_Elite1273d ago

Nope because Nvidia will release a Titan Ti edition.

It's against the law for Amd to have a superior card over Nvidia.

Ah the good ole days when an overclocked HD4890 was Lord and master. Cfx and Nvidia had no solution with that much power for not a lot of cash.