Guitar Hero 4 tracklist appears online

A rumoured tracklist appears on a website and it appears to be a pretty good example of either what is featuring or could feature!

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MikeD1593768d ago

You People keep beating me to the storys anyways if thats true its gunna be sick

flankhim3768d ago

Rock band 2 setlist looks better overall. There are a few good ones in there though.

Jon86023768d ago

Rockband2 setlist doesnt look good at all actually. Im telling you right now...if TooL is putting songs out(especially those songs) on guitar hero 4 then im gonna sh!t my pants because they dont liscense anything. You cant even find them on ITunes because they said no. Mad props if they got TooL on here...a definite buy for me.

SPECTRUX3768d ago

the first half sucks, but the seccond half kicks major ass. i dont think this is real though, because 1) it shows a sting GUITAR battle, but sting plays BASS 2)master of puppets? no way

RevN8r3768d ago

It looks too similar to the "leaked" RB2 list that turned out to be fake as well. I've gotta say though, if it's real, it's an amazing list!

Bob Dole3768d ago

Bob Dole's suprised to see: TOOL, Doors, and Pink Floyd.
He's not gonna hold his breath though. They need to quit with this My Chemical suckband sh!t.

thekingofMA3768d ago

i have rock band so i was gonna just buy the software for rock band 2 and just screw gh4, my old favorite

but this setlist, if true, would make that decision hard (i dont want 2 fake plastic drum sets, and i doubt anything will be compatible with each other...)

but comfortably numb, spirit of the radio, smells like teen spirit, and a bunch of great bands? (although paramore and chemical romance=suckage) it could be awesome

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TheColbertinator3768d ago

No stairway to heaven?Nevermind then

TheIneffableBob3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Zeppelin refuses to license their songs. Harmonix tried to get the license in GH1 and 2, but they were turned down both times.

thekingofMA3768d ago

but i think it's bound to happen at some point (zeppelin music in music games)

the band did finally allow apple to have their songs for itunes so they could eventually license it for a video game...

RevN8r3768d ago

This is probably the one title that makes me think it's an unreal list. However, if it's real, I'll be first in line.

BigBaehr3768d ago

And I'll be right behind him.

elitewh0re3768d ago

guitar hero does it again, apart from a few good songs in rockband overall this takes the prize, rock band = radio edit tunes. Guitar hero = Parental Advisory tunes :D \m/ rock on ladies and gents, rock on.

TheIneffableBob3768d ago

"Assassin" by Muse?
Oh god, I hope this is true.

The drums will be awesome.

greenmeanie3768d ago

I hope this is the setlist! Undertow tour, with three amazing tool songs, Michael Jackson's Beat it! Need I say more! Let this be the setlist! Oh please please please!

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The story is too old to be commented.