How to get your digital Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One without being in the Preview Program

An guide to downloading games from the Xbox One backwards compatibility list while not needing to be registered as a Preview Program member.

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dangerousbrian01248d ago

I would not put this out like this as soon as microsoft know they will probably patch it asap

roland821248d ago

Wow this works. Shows I'm installing mass effect now

Bigpappy1248d ago

They may not change it. If is no big deal if it is not perfect yet. They have not officially launched it. So those who do this, like I plan to, would know this.

DillyDilly1248d ago

This simply sounds like the game sharing feature. Which requires giving strangers your email & password. Have fun doing that guys

Gh05t1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

You obviously didnt read it correctly or have never done "game sharing" because this sounds nothing like setting up your home xbox on a friends xbox.

phantomxll1248d ago

That agree I gave you was a mistake. So don't count that one. I completely disagree.

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The story is too old to be commented.