Microsoft: We won't skip 'Halo' betas from now on

When Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched last year, it was supposed to be ultimate fan service: four of the most renowned games in the series, all in one fancy package loaded with extras, all on Xbox One. The final product was... well, problematic. To this day it still isn't 100 percent functional all the time, with a rash of issues like game crashes still persisting. "It was our first game on a new platform, and it was essentially five engines [with] a wrapper," 343 Industries head Bonnie Ross explained to me this week. All that to say, because the game wasn't a native Xbox One game is why it had so many issues. Still that makes it incredibly difficult to get excited for this fall's Halo 5: Guardians. Will it be as heartbreaking on a technical level as MCC? I briefly spoke with Ross about how she and her teams are working to overcome and address that very valid concern.

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raggy-rocket1250d ago

Great idea, get feedback from the fans to ensure any changes are taking halo in a direction fans are comfortable with, as well as fixing any bugs and tweaks gameplay features and weapon balancing.

Bring on halo 5 and (hopefully) halo wars 2!

jokerisalive1249d ago

Please dont so we never have any more problems like we did with MCC.

urwifeminder1249d ago

Well the gears beta has been impressive the fastest matchmaking I have encountered on xb1 great news.

mxguy931249d ago

More halo betas means more halo games. -_- just take a break, please. Let 343 try something different.