Splatoon Wii U: Nintendo adding free Bluefin Depot map tomorrow

Nintendo has announced that Splatoon will be updated with its third free additional map and eighth map overall tomorrow morning (Saturday 20 June). Bluefin Depot will release worldwide as part of a free update.

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R00bot1127d ago

I love this steady flow of content. Really great way to keep the game fresh.

iliimaster1127d ago

its crazy i never expected to play splatoon as much as I have. Something about rolling that paint. its relaxing plus its intense online with everyone with so many different specials/weapons you never know who your gonna run into

Shuckylad1127d ago

Spot on, it really is a fresh new gaming experience that grabs you by the balls with its charm. You could say it's classic nintendo.

ZeekQuattro1127d ago

Nice. Next we need more modes. Team Splatmatch will do nicely.

N4g_null1127d ago

I blame this game for E3 sucking! No one had any time to work! So much fun inking out the wins. These control seem to line up with starfox also.