E3 08: GamersPlatform Resistance Retribution Hands-On Impression

GamersPlatform Writes:

"One of the things that caught my eye during the Sony Press Briefing was the portable version of Resistance for the PSP. At first I was skeptical of how the game would turn out, but Sony has given me a chance to go hands-on with the game in the Sony Press Room.

Resistance: Retribution is a sequel to the first game on the Playstation 3. However, Nathan Hale won't be in this game. Instead you'll be controlling British Marine James Grayson who will try to avenge his fallen brother and retake Europe by himself. This takes place a few weeks after the events of Resistance: Fall of Man. "

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SmokingMonkey3772d ago

and the controls of course, this is exactly why we need a second analog stick on the psp