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"Last Friday, a few colleagues and myself felt vastly swept up in all the dino-mania that’s taken the world (and Box Office) by storm and decided to go catch the new Jurassic World film at the cinema. I spent £6 on a Pepsi (just so I could keep the plastic drinks’ cup with a detachable dinosaur on top) and about £15 on a 3D ticket. Hated the film; it bored me to tears with its dumbness and I left feeling as if they barely scratched (no pun intended) the surface of what made the original so captivating. Alas, when LEGO Jurassic World turned up on my doorstep I was as trepidatious as a Diplodocus hanging above a Mosasaurus on a Saturday afternoon. I think that analogy alone deserves a hand… Just not from a T-Rex eh? Get it? Because they have little arms? Oh, I give up." writes TheOuterhaven's Gary Marston.

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rezzah1272d ago

Good review, can't wait to play this.

MisterMarston1270d ago

Cheers pal! Enjoy the game!