Guerrilla's Cinematic Lead "Mind Blown" By Uncharted 4 Trailer "Breath Taking"

Following Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4 trailer at the E3, Guerrilla's cinematic lead Pawel Swierczynski expresses how impressed he was with the "breath-taking" trailer

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Rimeskeem1251d ago

When you release a trailer like Horizon and then come to say your mind was blown by another developer, you have to give that other developer major props.

Of course, it is ND who always seems to raise the bar just a tad higher.

RevXM1250d ago

To me Horizon was game of the show.
So fresh, beautiful, epic and interesting.

But looking at Uncharted it is something else, the lighting, physics and details are mind boggling to say the least.
Not to take anything from Horizon as it looks really amazing too, but what we saw of U4 is ND strapping the bar to a missile and firing it to new heights.

corroios1251d ago

E3 is over and we are still talking over and over about the new games. Thats whats important. Great games, new Ip and legendary games are coming!!!

I think it was the first truly next gen E3.

VER1ON1251d ago

Horizon game of the show for me. Apart from its visuals, the soundtrack is epic.

iceman061251d ago

I noticed that too...the music was truly marvelous.

WeAreLegion1250d ago

They using Joris again? His Killzone scores are freaking incredible.

Indigon1250d ago

I agree. The cynic version of me before this E3 is no more.

zsquaresoff1251d ago

I hope they release the full demo to the public so we can all have our "mind blown" collectively again.

xwilldemise1251d ago

SONY's studios always raising the bar. It almost seems like they try to one up each other like a friendly competition, just like how Guerilla Games blew Naughty Dogs mind & vice versa

VER1ON1251d ago

As I posted a few days earlier ( Ready At Dawn's Andrea Pessino also had to pick up his jaw after watching the Uncharted 4 Demo - seems you're right

xwilldemise1251d ago

Yes^ Another good example. Also Naughty Dog's impressions on the Last Guardian, etc. The list goes on lol

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