David Jaffe Addressing Gamespot’s Complaints About PS4 Exclusive Drawn To Death

Following a some complaints from Gamespot's Alex Newhouse after playing Drawn To Death, developer David Jaffe states that he will address at least some of Newhouse's complaints

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die_fiend1272d ago

What would make me happy would be to DJ to exit the industry. Go and work with Cliffy B on something no-one will play - match made in heaven!

VER1ON1272d ago

What did Jaffe do to you m8? Although expressional saying he will address the complaints is a good thing.

madpuppy1271d ago

Usually he addresses complaints with his middle finger and a "don't like it, don't buy it" attitude.

blackblades1271d ago

He can't get back to you cause he has one bubble.

morganfell1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

No one, and I mean no one deserves to be stuck with Cliffy B. Okay, maybe Hitler.

Palitera1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

What about enlisting that idiot from Fez, that subcelebrity from the LamerGate and whoever is taking decisions on Konami?
There are a few high level contenders.

On topic, I wish Jaffe all the luck in the world, but not in this project. Modern F2P needs to fail and die (and I already think the trend is weakening).

madpuppy1271d ago

Phil Fish, yeah, he is a disgusting person in looks and personality.

d4v03331271d ago

I like David Jaffe but i think he lost his touch on games and Drawn to Death does not look like a fun game at all