Shenmue Kickstarter Adds Jacket Replica Reward

Due to high demand, the Ryo's Jacket Replica reward has been added to the project, costing $3000.

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Stringerbell1189d ago

As I write this, 19 people have already bought one!

thrust1189d ago

Would people really wear this in public?

trenso11188d ago

I never even played these games but that jacket is fire, with the right style that can be pulled off very well. Even so the tiger on the back is just cool

Snookies121189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

Let's just see what treasures lie under the couch cushion... Lol.

Dark_Overlord1189d ago

Yet far more people are asking for a physical PS4 version and they won't add it :/

scark921189d ago

They probably will I reckon!

mafiahajeri1189d ago

I was going to pledge but the no PS4 physical version put me off, once they add that I will pledge...

Rimeskeem1189d ago

I have a feeling since Sony is at least partially funding the project that there would be a physical PS4 copy.

jamstorr861189d ago

I suspect that part of the deal with Sony is that they will handle the PS4 distribution. they are investing their own money into the game too and so will likely have a say.

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The story is too old to be commented.