Nintendo Will Not Support Real Gamers On the Wii

Koji Igarashi, producer of the Castlevania series, has spoken out about his frustration in gaining support for titles that cater to core gamers, suggesting that Nintendo will only fund low cost mainstream titles.

When asked about his feelings on the current state of Japan's game market, and the fact that Wii is outselling PlayStation 3 by huge amounts each week, Igarashi said the "Wii is selling, but the 'gamer's games' aren't selling. That's what I'm concerned about," he says. "I think there are two roads you can take: Create a game for the core fans with as low a development cost as possible, the other is to just find a different market for these consoles outside the core gamer."

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tweaker3770d ago

"Nintendo will only fund low cost mainstream titles"

No hope now.

Monteblanco3770d ago

This makes no sense at all. Igarashi doesn't work to Nintendo and thus don't expect Nintendo to fund any of his games. Actually, he only says that Wii core games are not selling well in Japan and, thus he only had a limited budget to develop a game of this kind. The phrase you quote seems to be some sort of misunderstanding created by the journalist.

ChickeyCantor3769d ago

When i was reading it, I really did not get what was going on.
Why is he talking about a "fund" from Nintendo if Konami is suppose to be helping him out.

Does the dude speak english? or is it again Lost in translation.

thebudgetgamer3769d ago

when the hardcore nintendo fans get fed up with shovelware and juimp ship

Rute3769d ago

Nintendo has been a dictator in the past when it comes to games released on their platforms. Sometimes it was good, like the use of seal of quality in NES games, but sometimes it's not in favour of gamers.

However, I understand that hardcore Wii games tend to look pale when compared to games on PS3 and 360, even high budget ones. Devs need to innovate if they intend to make money on Wii.

MikeGdaGod3769d ago

hence why i don't and never will buy a Wii



Good for nintendo...they know their market.

also, good for MS and Sony, one more customer who wont waste money on the toy. more money to spend on real games !

Voiceofreason3769d ago

I'd say it amounts to more of your total lack of knowledge about the console.

thebudgetgamer3769d ago

most people that have bought the wii wouldve bought a pet rock back in the days

mistertwoturbo3769d ago

If they would have just made the Wii with hardware that supports 720p graphics and is powerful enough to run mid-end PS3/360 games. Then they would have much more 3rd party support and sales. Not only will they dominate the casual market (just like they are doing now) but they will also attract hardcore gamers.

Imagine in an alternate reality where GTA IV, DMC4, and hell maybe even FFXIII was on the 720p Wii. They would dominate the entire market.

With exception of a good online service, they could be in better position right now.

Granted, they are still outselling everything. But look at their image. Especially after E3 2008. Wii Music!? Come on Nintendo... Come on...

Rute3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

If Nintendo had made a more powerful console and sold it at price comparable to Xbox 360, casual gamers might not have created the craze that lead to the disproportion between demand and supply of Wii, which in turn lead to increased craze and long induring demand.

I might be wrong though. After all, Wiis were sold for prices comparable to PS3 at eBay in winter 2006/2007.

DOOMZ3769d ago

Now THAT would be amazing!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.