Street Fighter 5 Beta Sign Up Website Live For PAL Users

A website that allows you to sign up for the upcoming Street Fighter 5 beta has now gone live.

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Bennibop978d ago

seems to be, just checked the web address against the one for the planetside 2 beta and they match.

TLG1991978d ago

if not, my PSN account details are gone lol

NoctisPendragon978d ago

It was on thier facebook page so yes .

PaleMoonDeath978d ago

Enrollment complete, fingers crossed!

KuroKazuma978d ago

since few days, but k

PizzaSteve978d ago

I pass I don't do preorders.

RosweeSon978d ago

Can't read either it's not a pre order it's a free Beta.

ThichQuangDuck978d ago

I preordered from Gamestop solely for beta. May move to digital since I know I will never sell this