Skewed And Reviewed Go Hands-On With Need For Speed At E3 2015

During their coverage of E3 2015, Skewed and Reviewed got some hands on time with the latest Need For Speed game. They loved the graphics, action, and of course, speed in this take no prisoners game.

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jay21099d ago

Love it, now remove the 'always online' s**t and I'll buy it. dont and I wont.

lemoncake1099d ago

Once I saw the cops I got turned off by this game, I really hate the cop chase part in these need for speed games. I just want to race and have fun underground style without the police sirens wailing away all the time, personally it destroys it for me and I won't be picking this one up.

Garethvk1099d ago

I heard cop sirens in the game but did not see them as I was busy running things over.

1099d ago
Thefreeman0121099d ago

I didn't like how the camera tilted at an odd angle when a car was drifting

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