Xbox Elite Controller Hands On

Xbox unveiled their new upcoming Xbox Elite Controller during E3 this week. This new controller provides customization of your button inputs and even allows you to change the configuration of the analog sticks and d-pads on the controller. The Xbox Elite controller goes on sale this October for $149.99.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

I hate the price but I must agree it's a really nice controller.

Bennibop949d ago

Agreed its nearly half the cost of the console!

Dewitt949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

Everyone vote for this feature to be added to the elite controller. I already tweeted it to Phil.

The ability to remap controls or extra buttons for things like screenshots, media control, snap apps, volume controls, ect..

headblackman949d ago

mines is already preordered :)


fpshooter2949d ago

I hate to say it but im probably gonna buy this. Looks awesome. I wonder will it fit my charging dock?

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The story is too old to be commented.
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