Hands On with the Xbox Elite Controller | Controller Crusade

Justin from Controller Crusade tells us about his experiences with the Xbox Elite Controller.

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Peace_Love_and_FPS975d ago (Edited 975d ago )

Hm, that's odd. The one thing he complained about is exactly what I want out of the paddles, sensitivity. Tried a buddy of mines scuf, thing is trash, paddles take more time to squeeze than just hitting the actual button, this seems like the solution to that. Perhaps if they made them adjustable too like the triggers, switching between analog and digital with a switch, or allowing for different sensitivities.

Seeing how much controllers are ramping up with the steam controller and now this, I'm super excited to see what the controllers will be for the next generation consoles in a few years! Part of me wishes they'll make them basically custom optimized gaming PCs compatible with mouse/Keyboard, but I would also love to see if they can dethrone it as the undisputed best control method.

jdiggitty975d ago

I recently got a Cinch controller. Mine has a grip surface and two buttons on the back right where your middle finger lands. There is a 4 button option but doesn't seem usable since they place the extra buttons higher. Adjustable trigger stops and zero dead zone on the sticks. It's stupid expensive though.

ThePresentIsAgift975d ago

I always wanted a tournament pad for 360 as I played extremely competitively in Battlefield 3, burned through a few regular pads in no time at all haha. Maybe I'll buy this for BF4, Gears cod and Halo.

Jedislayer975d ago

waiting for a price drop!

Software_Lover975d ago

I was gonna wait on a price drop, but I sold a track yesterday and used some of that money to pre-order lol.

Septic975d ago (Edited 975d ago )

Send us your music!

I need this. But no tracks to sell. Ah well. Anyone want some kidneys, check out ebay.

Immorals975d ago

That's one expensive track :p

jdiggitty975d ago

I don't think controller prices drop much. Hell, a 360 controller is still $50

Scatpants975d ago

I'm hoping I can get a deal on Black Friday.

Godz Kastro975d ago

Im all about this controller. Totally buying it.

ninsigma975d ago

I am so disappointed with the cost :(
This was my favourite announcement from ms e3 because I don't like the standard xb1 controller, but it's way too expensive to justify. Knowing me though I'll probably still get it xD

bananaboats975d ago

the thing is with all the technology and features that controller has it really isn't expensive, compare it to a scuf and this controller has no equal.

If I was into competitive gaming than this would be the no-brainer choice.

ninsigma975d ago

But it's still expensuve in terms of the whole it will leave in my wallet lol

I've seen the word scuf used since the reveal. What is it??

FYIIR975d ago

you are right.. the scuf comes as is. You get what you order. This is completely interchangeable and they give you a kit.

bananaboats975d ago

scuf pads are custom controllers that you can build how you like, which was what most pro gamers used. they can go as high as $250+

ninsigma975d ago

You learn something new everyday. Lol
Thanks for the info :)

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