Nintendo's Creativity Continues to Impress

Still in the game after all these years.

A.J. says: "Being a gamer for over 25 years, I find it incredible how Nintendo manages to continually put a smile on my face."

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ameliabaz1271d ago

Nice to see a positive Nintendo article for a change :)

Gh05t1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Most of the negative articles all surround Nintendos E3 showing.

If you really believe Nintendo put their best foot foward this E3 than I truly believe you might be delusional.

Most of the people having a negative reaction to Nintendos E3 presence this year isnt because we hate Nintendo, its because we all wanted a better show.

Most people feel the exact opposite of this article and felt the creativity was lack luster.

Not everyone hates Nintendo, but Nintendo let down a lot of fans this year. You may not be one of those fans that was let down, but to say that a large number werent disappointed is to deny reality.

VideoChums1271d ago

To clarify, this article isn't primarily about E3. It focuses on Nintendo's creative efforts over the years.

Gh05t1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I know this article isnt primarily about E3 (I did read it) i am replying to someone saying that it is nice to see a possative Nintendo article, to which i said most the negative articles lately are about E3. And because they are about E3 they are justified in being negatively slanted.

N4g_null1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Seriously it is time to move on. The E3 doesn't stop splatoon from rocking or make xenolade look bad. Had the leaks been in the E3 then it would have been better. Also if miyamoto had said starfox visually was a working stand in I would have been fine with that. I sorry I just expected more.

It seems nintendo created a monster with the nintendo power era . We want the game play and great art. This does not mean realism though. Hell I'd rather fight in xenolade world than starfox right now. I like platinum but I'm not sure if they understand starfox visually.

Yet they are on the right track with starfox gameplay. The question is if I buy it will miyamoto greatness shine throug?

People want to like this game. Also what if metroid ff is actually fun? We just expected or wanted totally different things. Yes those models suck.

I'm not sure if nintendo realizes that people think they are not as creative as they use to be. Yes they are still more creative than most in this age but snes nintendo would kick their assets right now for being weak sauce lol.

Which is why they have not made a new metroid, fzero, starfox. They really think the cute art style from nintendo land is ok. Splatoon is more inline to what a starfox should be almost. Xenolade has the dolls that transform into way sexier vehicles. They have the talent yet I wonder if they are just not willing to be critical of outsider work. I'm not sure who is dropping the ball. Yet they do need to take a stand and show better graphics in games like starfox.

Miyamoto really needs to sit down with some 80s cartoons from America or even the macross stuff. He needs a right hand man for art. Or he needs to create the game play then hand it off to platinum to go crazy with. Someone is being to safe.

3-4-51271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

* If Nintendo wants to get people back here is what its' going to take:

Games for NX & new Nintendo Handheld:

* New 3D Mario Game - similar to 64 or Sunshine

* New Nintendo IP RPG - Action based RPG, with NEW characters. Add in Mario 64 type 3D platforming and your all set.

* Mario Sports game that combines sports...Not Olympics.

* Like Package Mario Golf, Tennis & Soccer all into one game called Super Mario Sports Club House or something.

- Have a hub world that connects all 3, have a story mode between + online play.

* New Wave Race game

* New Pilot Wings game similar to Pilot Wings 64.

* Find a way to get Dragon Quest back on Nintendo platforms.

* Find a way to get FFTA3 on new Nintendo handheld.

* New 2D Metroid game

* New Fire Emblem game for console

* 5-6 other New IP's with NEW characters. Various Genres

* Nintendo vs Capcom fighting game.

* Nintendo RTS game with new characters. New IP

* 3-4 Action Adventure games mixed with various sub genres.

* Splatoon 2

* Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker 2

* Find a way to get Fantasy Life 2 ( a real one) on 3DS or new handheld.

* Basically get a working relationship with Square Enix and other 3rd parties again.

* Game console will have to at least match competition.

* No Forced Gimmicks. I'll decide how I play my game....Not you Nintendo.

* Keep the colors coming...your doing it right with the Art Styles.

* Keep making more original music for your games Nintendo. You have some of the best composers on Earth...stop having them remix " bah bah bah "

Crazay1271d ago

I find it unfortunate that they can't put a smile on my face. I want to be friends with Big N again.

wonderfulmonkeyman1271d ago

Mario Maker is our chance to show we can be even more creative than Nintendo.XD

RPGrinder1271d ago

Nintendo has been the best publisher/developer for the last 25 years. Not much is going to change that now. They have the best games lineup of any single company this year

emilijo7771269d ago

Bloodborne metacritic 92 - higher rated than any Wii U and 3DS game this year