Fable Legends Isn't What You Think it Is | IGN

"Uniting thrilling stories, exciting combat and heroic quests with the next generation capabilities of the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, Fable Legends is the forthcoming adventure in the genre defining series Fable."

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Godmars290978d ago (Edited 978d ago )

Really? Looks similar to earlier trailers only more fleshed out. Adventures invading, trying to colonize, a magical realm ruled by a faerie queen who's having none of that, instead of a more skeletal outline that came off as a D&D session of DM vs Players.

fermcr978d ago

Well, it's free. Just try it out when releases...

iDadio978d ago

I'm hoping its good and will give it a good go but I'm not under any illusion of what this is - a corridor co op game.

mhunterjr978d ago (Edited 978d ago )

It looks like a lot of fun to me. The business model is appealing too... Can't beat free...

I still hope they come out with a traditional Fable game, but I'm sure I'll be putting some time into this... As the villain ofcourse...

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