Just Cause 3, and the Limits of a Physicalized World | GameSpot

Kevin VanOrd writes:

"It was the most explosive choose-your-own adventure game I've ever played. At E3 2015, I joined my fellow CBS employees from Giant Bomb in chatting with representatives from Avalanche Studios about the upcoming Just Cause 3. Rather than play the game for us, producer Omar Shakir and crew led us through a series of videos in which we got to choose from several options on how protagonist Rico should destroy the object at hand. And unsurprisingly, the Mediterranean-esque island of Medici has a lot of things needing to be destroyed."

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crazychris41241272d ago

Looks amazing but have they confirmed that the buildings in the town are destructible as well?

Rimeskeem1272d ago

I do not know, however destruction is physics based.

mkis0071272d ago

I hope they give us control of left right in planes without having to spin.

seanpitt231272d ago

You will not be able to level the map. But there will be some building you can destroy at each Base/ outpost with proper physics this time around.

Meltic1271d ago

no asked Roland and he said some is, some not. Towns no. People live there and Roland said that Rico dont kill people only soldiers

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hiptanaka1272d ago

Definitely sounds like a game to look forward to.

starchild1272d ago

The Just Cause 3 demo surprised me with how good it was. This game seems to have more potential for dynamic, emergent gameplay than just about any other game I've seen.

moomoo3191271d ago

Only thing that bugged me about the just cause 3 gameplay is that you had to pick between 3 options before blowing up a base, a statue etc

Will that be necessary the whole game or can we just do everything in real time?

attilayavuzer1271d ago

Haha that was for e3 so interviewers could be involved.