Horizon: Zero Dawn Preview – Gorgeous Environments and Female Badassery

Stephanie Burdo with writes:

"Horizon: Zero Dawn is many things, all of which are positive. After watching the extended gameplay trailer at E3 2015, I felt as if the Horizon series could be one that sticks around for the long haul. As a gaming community, we have become accustom to the lackluster repetition of staple-held, fan favorite series. Continuously adding onto existing universes, we rarely experience anything new."

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rbailey1039d ago

This definitely was a surprise to see and especially so because Guerrilla is behind it. Definitely will keep my eye on this one.

Rimeskeem1039d ago

Just goes to show how talented GG really is.

jeremyj29131039d ago

This game pretty much stole the show for me. Was definitely a major highlight of my E3 experience.

joab7771039d ago

This was my favorite surprise from E3. I knew of the leaks, but nothing pointed to this!!!

I'm a tad bit worried though b/c the sentiment right now is way too suportive. When do we get to find something wrong with it and post 100k articles tearing it apart. Graphics are amzing, huge open world, rpg elements, crazy combat, intuitive learning system, and a bad ass female character.

I'm super scared as to exactly what will be this games undoing.

Majin-vegeta1039d ago

This seems to be the craze at e3.Glad to see a new IP getting all this attention.

jeremyj29131039d ago

I'm glad to hear that. Almost everything I've seen had been negative. I can't wait for this game to release.

joab7771039d ago

Wait. What did you see that was negative? I don't think I've seen anything but glorious praise for this showing.

guyman1039d ago

"Almost everything I've seen had been negative"

You didnt see anything then, did you?

jeremyj29131037d ago

Nothing press related. Just comments sections from different sites.

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ThichQuangDuck1039d ago

Only White People with Dreads survive the Apocalypse

joab7771039d ago

There it is. I just posted above, wondering where the negativity would rear it's ugly, hit garnering head? Race. I didn't even consider that.

ThichQuangDuck1039d ago

I mean I also wish the game had some kind of multiplayer or coop component. I was joking but I found it interesting how there were only white people with dreads show cased. I am no joke wondering if that is a story thing. You can take it as a joke, you can take it serious or you can question it.

SaveFerris1039d ago

I'm sure there will be 'diversity' in this game.

iceman061039d ago

Yep!!! Various types of dino-bots and dread-headed white people!!! LOL It had to be done!

Tauriel1039d ago

How about that soundtrack.....

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