GamesRadar: 10 Reasons Midnight Club: LA Will Rock

See that fast-approaching blur in the rearview? That's Midnight Club: Los Angeles, about to pull into the garage of an Xbox 360 or PS3 near you. So rather than bore you with a standard hands-on preview, GamesRadar broke MC:LA into 10 bite-sized chunks of awesome they found impressive. Give it a skim, busy reader. You're bound to find something that gets your motor a-runnin'.

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NO_PUDding3797d ago

= Big fat meh

Anyone agree?

roybatty3797d ago

Only dumb boy racers buy this crap. Can anyone here persuade me that sh1t like this is worth $60?

UnSelf3797d ago

MC 3 is still the best Arcade style racing game ever.

GT5 IS the best racing game ever*

n4gzz3797d ago

I hope it is fully compatible with my wheel. playing GT5p right now. Driving in GT5p handles almost real way, no kidding.