Destiny The Taken King Will Add New Achievements/Trophies

It appears as if Bungie's upcoming expansion will add new achievements/trophies. According to Planet Destiny, a popular Destiny website that attended E3, The Taken King will be the first expansion to increase the amount of achievements and trophies in Destiny.

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Timesplitter141248d ago

seriously they should let this game die

bananaboats1248d ago

Don't play it and don't worry about what they do. Too easy right. A lot of people still play this game

Summons751248d ago

Why millions of people still play it and the expansions are selling well. People clearly want and like the game. Why just let it die because it's popular? If that's the case COD would have died years ago....yet that is still plaguing our industry.

Morgue1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Achievement Unlocked - Lost Bubble

And I actually just noticed I lost one. Hahahaha

Summons751248d ago

So is this an expansion or is it a separate game that carries over your character? It sounds like an expansion but they showed a physical case and art for it so I'm a bit confused.

bananaboats1248d ago

It's an "expansion". Around 17gb I believe. So it's fairly big

Enate1247d ago

Uncompressed CGI also takes up a lot of space just saying.

immoracle1248d ago

Ohhh ok, now well that changes everything! /s

Morgue1248d ago

I really enjoyed the game at first then I just lost interest after a while. I do this with a lot of games but always come back too them.