The 44 PS4 Exclusives That Are Still To Come in 2015

PSGamer: When Sony Computer Entertainment president and global CEO Andrew House stated that the PS4’s first-party line-up was “a little sparse this year” earlier this year, it gave certain corners of the internet the excuse they needed to resurrect the “PS4 HAS NO GAEMS!” meme. Sony further compounded the issue by focusing much of its E3 2015 press conference on games that are unlikely to release during this financial year.

Of course, in reality the PS4 has an incredible line-up of exclusive games that are still to release in 2015 from first and third parties, AAA studios and the best indie developers around.
We decided to do Sony’s job for them and collated a list of console exclusive PS4 games (that are not coming to the Wii U or Xbox One) that are still to release in 2015. It’s an epic list

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Thatguy-3101248d ago

Wait you must be lying because ps4 has no games until 2016!!! /s
The ps4 lineup throughout 2015 is good and will lead to an amazing one in 2016.

SpaceRanger1248d ago

Like I said earlier, people think that just because the game doesn't have a gun to shoot every living thing in the game or it's not a yearly racing game...then it's not a game.

I'm beyond excited to play games year round with what's to come! It's been a great year to have a PS4 and it's only getting better in my opinion.

Ezz20131248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

but some keep say Ps4 have no games left for 2015

They must be Right?!...RIGHT?!

itBourne1248d ago

But they are for a wide variety of people and actually unique, who wants that, it dont count, Sony has no games.

GameForever1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

And that's not even all of the exclusives coming out this year. But Yah no exclusive games coming for PS4 this year.

Plenty of games and probably much more variety. No PS4 gamer will be lacking games to play. Neither will Xbox One gamer's, but no one is lying about or trying to make themselves believe that it doesn't have games

It is so annoying when so called professionals (Microsoft) keep perpetuating a lie, let alone fan boys and Journalist not doing their homework.

Nirvana315911248d ago

The ones I'm excited for

Fall 2015 PS4 exclusives and console exclusives

Persona 5
Tales of Zesteria
Disgaea 5
Dragon Quest Heroes

Action / Adventure
Uncharted collection

Exploration / Adventure
No man's sky
Everybody's gone to the rapture

Platforming games
Tearaway Unfolded

Until Dawn

Action / Strategy
Dungeon defenders 2

star_lancer1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )


"It is so annoying when so called professionals (Microsoft) keep perpetuating a lie, let alone fan boys and Journalist not doing their homework."

Since you brought up MS, you should realize the same thing happened to the Xbox One. A lie was spread that MS had no exclusives for the first half of this year, and fanboys ran wild with it (especially here on N4G). There are actually still people who believe it.

Don't forget, the definition of "exclusive" that this article uses to make it's list is "games that are not coming to the WiiU of Xbox One". Games that are also coming to Vita, PS3 or PC are still considered PS4 exclusives for the purposes of this article.

miyamoto1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

So there you have it folks factual truth.

To damage control this proof is like breaking yourself against a brick wall.

I am sick and tired of you xboxers hating and down playing indies while your beloved Microsoft Xbox company just SPENT $2.5 billion dollars on an indie game.

This is why M$ and Xboxers have no synergy therefore no success.

Its really unfortunate.

jonboi241248d ago

If Persona 5 does come out 2015 in the west then I could care less about any other game.

star_lancer1248d ago


If Xboxers (as you call them) are downplaying indies, they must have learned it from PS fans who spent nearly all last generation ridiculing Xboxers for including downloadable indie games in their lists of 360 exclusives. It was really unfortunate.

starchild1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

There's no doubt that PS4-only gamers will still have plenty of games to play this year. There are a lot of great multiplats coming out this year. But as someone who does most of my gaming on PC there honestly aren't very many things I'll be playing on my PS4 the rest of the year. I'm getting the Uncharted collection and there might end up being one or two indie type games I end up getting, but that's about it.

So, I think it's not fair to act like there is nothing to play on the PS4, but I also think it's not reasonable to act like it has some kind of killer lineup. Neither of those extremes is true.

Khajiit861247d ago

Well said. All game types are great if you are a true gamer. With a PC and PS4, I have a HUGE variety of games.

Griever1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Everybody needs to bookmark this page and give the link to anyone who says PS4 has no games coming in 2015. Generally, those people do not even know about the majority of the Playstation franchises or are actively ignoring them because they are not "AAA" shooters or racers. I am looking forward to,

The Tomorrow Children
Persona 5
Dragon Quest Heroes
Tales of Zestiria
No Man's Sky

We already got the excellent Bloodborne. Those are more than enough exclusives to play for a whole year.

Kingthrash3601247d ago

Yeah I've been saying this for months...for some reason people been confusing 1st party games...with exclusives. They are two different things. Ms been spewing how they showed off more 1st party games to be released this holiday season when these games are old news. Sony has been releasing games all year...big games like bloodborne and the order. Sony has had and always will have more first party second party and third party exclusives...all the Xbox first party games are old ips that are to be released this year and that's gears remake...old...halo5 ...old...forza 6... Old....Sony released two AAA first party NEW ips....4 months into the year...they have plenty third party exclusive games coming and people are confusing these things. Smh.

TheHaloGuy1247d ago

Not true at all. Im people and i grew up playing all kinds of different games spaceranger

BG115791247d ago

We all know there is a a console that has until today only one exclusive in 2015, and it's not the PS4.

andibandit1247d ago

I'll admit im a fan of bro shooters, so looking forward to
EDF2025(hows it exclusive??)

will problably also pick up UC collection to see what all the fuss is about

Forn1247d ago

What about Alienation? Anyone think that may be released this year as well?

bouzebbal1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Ultra SF4
Until Dawn
The Order
Dragon Quest
Guilty Gear (in europe finally)
Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture
The Tomorrow Children
God of War
Persona 5


FF7 HD (not in the list)
Destiny DLC
Batman DLC
Hitman DLC
Assassin's Creed DLC

Not bad for a console that has no games.

Dee_911247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

haha people like to forget that. I remember arguing so much with those "indies don't count" crowd.

ABizzel11247d ago

LMFAO at I am Bread trailer. OMG why wasn't this at E3 XD

Pogmathoin1247d ago

Miyamoto, you are marked as well said.... People thought highly of some of the worlds most despotic people too..... Just saying..... Ignore the many exclusives coming out on Xbox while your at it..... Gameforever, please change name so as not to insult everyone...

alabtrosMyster1246d ago

Nah, it has to have been revealed in an MS E3 conference to count as a good exclusive, we all know Halo is the biggest gaming franchise EVER, Gears is close second, Forza is the biggest racing franchise EVER... (cough cough forget all other franchises that manage to sell more, even if they are also exclusives) ... also, only sales in the US count toward worldwide domination!!!! (or catching up a couple of months a year)... I mean, if you set the rules just right xbox team is bound to win!

While we are at it, Halo 5 and Gears 4 have great dialogs! and they look exciting as hell... /s

GameForever1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )


I'll change My name when you learn how to complete a sentence. I looked at your past post, you got a real problem.

I've been gaming since before most people on this site, I think I know a little about games.

I'm pretty old and I am no where near as being as bitter you. Shenmue 3 going to put yo in an early grave.

Iceman_Nightmare1239d ago

there is no good racing games coming that is not Need For Speed. No GranTUrismo 7 and other great racing games

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shloobmm31248d ago ShowReplies(13)
joab7771248d ago

These don't count!!!

Actually, if Persona 5 and The Tomorrow Children release this yr, along with BB dlc. Thats more than enough to justify my PS4 in 2015. Add in all the multiplats running on it...and damn!!!

If you didn't have a PS3, you also get Uncharted and GoW3. I wouldn't trade every Xbone exclusive this yr for BB and P5. BB was unbelievable.

And honestly, I'm glad U4 isn't coming b/c wtf! TW3, Batman, MGS5, Fallout 4, Battlefront, Zombies, and Persona 5 and BB dlc. These aren't 10 hr games.

I was a little worried about AAA this gen. Not anymore. Last gen I finally was convinced to grab an Xbox when ME released, but even of someone gave me an xbone, I honestly wouldn't be playing it for the foreseeable future.

Now, of the Hololens pans out, I may have to buy it for my nephew.

thelwebb1001247d ago

Don't get you hopes up buddy. There are too many games releasing this holiday in the same window so get ready for delays, just saying.

Magicite1248d ago

PS4 has large Japanese developer support, which many people are neglecting, but I think thats the most important aspect.

Khajiit861247d ago

Japan brings games that touch the heart in ways other games cant. Some of the best stories I played were Ni-No Kuni, Yakuza, etc. Love all games from everywhere, its good to have those kinds of options on PS4.

marinelife91247d ago

Really looking forward to Tomorrow Children, Hollow Point, Rime, and Let it Die.

WellyUK1247d ago

They aren't big AAA's thats why people say they have no games. Indie/arcade games aren't really replacements for the big games like Uncharted etc. IMO most of those games are either indie games that don't interest me or some typical awful Japanese game. None of those games are a Halo or a Forza.

However they do have Rocket league, Uncharted collection, God of War remaster and Until dawn which i am very interested in and them 4 along with the 3rd party titles this year is still a great year for PS4 players.

Hopefully the games aren't a major disappointment this year like the past 2 years.

Death1247d ago

Sony says first party exclusives are sparse for the rest of the year. Sony fans say they have more than enough games to make them happy. I can see why Sony is in no hurry to make games for the PS4 and instead have concentrated on subscription services to keep sales going. Just look at the reaction to b/c. Sony fans don't want it.

UKmilitia1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

yeah plenty of games.

im gutted about planetside 2 because its just not ready yet and the beta has loads of issues imo.

godzilla looks terrible and Soma scared me so i wont be playing that haha.
Senran Kagura: Estival Versus is perverted

im also not really into retro type games but im glad they make games like tinertia and moonwalker but i wont be playing them and WHAT THE HELL IS THAT BREAD VIDEO ALL ABOUT???

games i fancy are

god of war
tomorrows children
drake collection
everybody gone rapture

BG115791247d ago

Dragon Quest Heroes should be added to the list?

kenshiro1001247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

star_lancer, stop with the hypocrisy. Xbox fans were downplaying Indies on the PS4 and PS3 even though it was stating that both consoles had more than just Indie games.

Keep moving those goal posts, as usual.

AceBlazer131247d ago

could care less if the ps4 had 44 or 4 games releasing this year. As long as persona 5 and disgaea 4 are coming I'm good. those two alone are a couple hundred hours of value at minimum. Everything else is just icing for me.

hades071247d ago

That is a pretty awesome list. A lot of them aren't AAA blockbusters but indies lately seem to be as much fun as bigger budget games and less bugs and patches upon release.

Not a PS4 owner yet but I am glad Sony has so many great things going and made Microsoft improve themselves. Both systems have a great slate of games coming out.

alb18991247d ago

I hope you enjoy your "44" games :)))))

assdan1247d ago

Sony doesn't have the strongest lineup of exclusives this fall. We've got until dawn (which could suck) and then there are some indies too, but no man's sky and the tomorrow children could easily occupy me more than most AAA games. Microsoft has two sequels this fall, unless I'm forgetting something. So honestly, Sony wins this fall too, unless you like halo a lot. And sony is going to crush 2016.

UKmilitia1246d ago

a guy in my local GAMEUK store told me other week that the story is about 7-8 hours long but u can have many endings.

which people survive or not

Canary1247d ago

Maybe, but it's still mostly multiplats.

Notice how the very first game on the list is multiplatform? Yeah: that's where I stopped reading.

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stuna11248d ago

What this article is lying! PS4 doesn't have any exclusives coming out until 2016!/s

So much for the fallacy.

MysticStrummer1247d ago

"So much for the fallacy."

The myth has been disproven before now yet stays alive anyway. This won't make it go away, but at least we can laugh at those who perpetuate it.

assdan1247d ago

Exactly. People will always yell that sony has fewer exclusives than microsoft, even though this hasn't been true since 2007. The ps4 has more games coming to it this year than the xbox one. It just has one less AAA.

Yetter1248d ago

the term 'exclusive' is used pretty loosely for this article

InTheLab1248d ago

During the 360 era, I'd always say that console exclusives only exist when we talk about 360 exclusives. Games are either exclusive, or multiplats. What is a console exclusives? Exactly what it sounds like. Games exclusive to consoles like Red Dead Redemption.

This stretching of the word exclusive needs to stop. If it's on multiple platforms, it's a mutiplatform game.

Amazing how so many arguments flipped this gen.

Gority1248d ago

Dude... The only games out that are full release ($60 retail) games not available on another platform for X1 are Sunset Overdrive and Forza 5. Come on now.

Spotie1248d ago

YOU'RE flipping the argument.

360 fans used to use "console exclusive" to refer to games exclusive to their console. Now PS fans use that same phrase, and Xbox fans no longer want to recognize it... despite so many of their exclusives qualifying for the same definition they've been using.

I don't know what Sony did to hurt your feelings, but you seem to have lost the narrative. Now you're making the same type of flawed arguments Xbox fans fall back on.

It's pretty sad, man.

S2Killinit1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

So what you are saying is that xbox doesnt have any exclusives? Even their major AAA games can be played on PC. Why is it that you only apply this theory when it comes to PS4 exclusives? Hmmmm.

At the end of the day, PS4 has more exclusives, and they have more exclusives coming out. Thats the truth.

InTheLab1247d ago


Did you not read the first sentence I wrote? I said the term was invented for 360 "exclusives". Prior to that, we had either exclusives or multiplats.

You guys are embarrassing yourselves adopting old 360 arguments. At least try and be consistent.

Death1247d ago

For the record everyone is flipping the argument to suit their needs. Make a list, exclusives, money hatting, indies counting as real games, superior third party games, etc. It's irritating to see the people champion for stop of paid content and exclusivity deals flip and say it's a good thing today because Sony is doing it. All the evil things Microsoft was accused of are now happening on the PS4 and it's considered a good thing. Where's the backlash for PSVue, the subscription tv services that literally makes your games console a tv box?

InTheLab1247d ago


I agree with the bulk of what you're saying. But the reason why there is no backlash is because it is not being shoved in our face like the TV features at the reaveal.

TV two years later is different from TV sports before you tell us about the games.

With that said, I'm damn tempted to Google any random 360 hate thread and I bet I'll find the names of everyone in this thread bitching about...

Summer of arcade indies
paying for multiplayer
timed exclusives
shared "exclusives" with pc

And the list goes on. Literally having the exact same arguments here only this time, I'm dealing with PS fanboys instead of Xbox.

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OB1Biker1247d ago

PS4 HAS NO GAEMS is used pretty loosely lol
Seriously I've always laughed at people saying that and thinking they are trolling for good. I've kind of missed it all year when they were quiet I guess we ll see that expression more often from when? October maybe? Like the PS4 library is going to 'disappear' when xbox games come

thehobbyist1247d ago

Yeah, seriously. Gang Beasts has been on PC for a while now. As well as many other titles there.

garos821248d ago

No Mans Sky is looking likely for 2016. No release date been set yet. Looking forward to Persona 5 and Tomorrows Children

NatureOfLogic_1248d ago

The Hum Abductions??? How did I miss this game announcement. Day one buy no doubt.

uth111248d ago

Me too! Although the trailer didn't quite sell me.