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"Behind Sony’s mind-bending conference, Bethesda had one of the most spectacular showings at E3. We got a closer look at Fallout 4, discovered Dishonoured 2 and were introduced to a curious little base-building sim known as Fallout: Shelter. Now, I’m not normally one to delve into an F2P game so readily, but Shelter had three major draw cards: i) it was free, ii) it was available immediately and iii) it was Fallout (something). Honestly, it’s been so long I’d play Angry Birds: Fallout if it was put in front of me. But that’s neither here nor there, the important question remains: Is Fallout: Shelter any good? That question is actually harder to answer than you might think, but I suppose it comes down to two things, how much cash you’re willing to fork out and how proficient you are at micromanaging."

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JesseH1279d ago

Looks addictive :O I don't wanna blow all my caps before I preorder Fallout 4

shipnabottle1278d ago

Spending plenty of time with this in my gaming time. Giving my Hearthstone time a run for its money. Love that the graphics aren't just another retro nostalgia trip but make a statement of their own.

Lots of nice details in this.

sarahnade1277d ago

This game actually hilarious- especially when you're doing a crappy job of maintaining your vault, like I am.