Horizon: Zero Dawn won't be 'tutorialised'; RPG systems detailed

Guerrilla won't be 'tutorialising' Horizon: Zero Dawn, the developer has explained, instead encouraging players to study enemy behaviour and learn how to defeat robos themselves.

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DarkOcelet975d ago (Edited 975d ago )

Meaning the game will be challenging as hell...

Bring it on! I am ready for this Mechanized Dinosaurs!

Abash975d ago

I hope Guerrilla Games has time to add a second playable character that plays differently, like if they were a different class

Dir_en_grey975d ago

Just make it like Monster Hunter, class difference based on the weapon you bring into battle.

Nirvana31591975d ago

This was definitely game of the show. No other company showed anything that could rival this masterpiece

Irishguy95975d ago

Hmmm...its hard to know what is and isn't an 'RPG' these days. ALmost everything have some sort of RPG mechanics in them. GTA, Halo, Cod, Horizon, level up, unlock perks etcs...

hmm!!! 21 century gaming.

Oh well, who cares what the genre is called. So long as the game is good.

Veneno974d ago

Maybe they mean RPG in the style of From Software? Judging by what was shown so far that is closest comparison I draw.

_-EDMIX-_974d ago

I don't think thats what they mean as those titles don't call themselves RPGs. I think what you level up is greatly effected by the game, as in you must level certain things up or you'll be unable to get past certain areas. Most games just have it as simple progression and many times as adding options, but they don't force it, ie in GTA or COD etc, the extras they give you for leveling up, passing a mission etc are not required to beat the game in any regard.

I know many can stretch the term, but when a developer is calling it an RPG, they have a solid reason.

iDadio975d ago

I like the fact games seem to be going full cicle back to their more challenging days, I have played games on Hard for as long as I remember because breezing through a game seems to dampen the fun for me - explains why I'm a massive fan of the whole souls series.

The tutorial should be here's what the buttons do, here's the general ethos of the game now go and enjoy it.

cell989975d ago

Now go out there and make a life son, lol

Majin-vegeta975d ago

I cant be the only one salivating at all this info.

From the Premise of the game to the Game mechanis.Horizon looks to set a new standard.

Also glad they wont tell us anything about the animals came to be and will make us find the answers on our own.


RJ92009975d ago

More I read about it more I want it!! Loving this new ip plus I feel games need more dinos in them.... and cow bell you can never have to much cow bell

S2Killinit975d ago

So glad this games is in development. It feels like something fresh.

DrumBeat975d ago

I love it.

Don't tell me anything, Guerilla. I want to figure out this world on my own. I'm so sick of trails and dots, and tutorials of any type.

All I need to know are the controls.

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The story is too old to be commented.