A breakdown of the various editions for Destiny: The Taken King

A breakdown of the four main editions of Destiny: The Taken King and the differences to the physical and/or digital components included, some of which fans are not particularly happy about.

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AgentSmithPS41276d ago

I miss the days when I could just pick up a full game and play it instead of having to put on a bean counter hat. There's already too much unnecessary work in the world.

WizzroSupreme1276d ago

This looks sweet. Love House of Wolves so far.

maybelovehate1276d ago

Me too. Especially now that the Skolas fight is more balanced.

lemongrasspotatohead1275d ago

Yes, that's actually the point of TTK. Bungie/Activision have scheduled major game releases every two years, Destiny 2 isn't due until next September. These smaller "Comet" releases add to each base game.

Chaosdreams1276d ago

So, I sold my copy when I finished the "story." Do tell, with all of these expansions. Has anyone gotten a reason for why they are shooting everything?

Sorry, the game is a joke, not sorry.

(I am aware the shooting mechanics are wicked good and the game looks pretty.)

rezzah1276d ago

People play it for the gunplay and the enjoyment of playing alongside friends.

-Foxtrot1276d ago

Laziest Steelbook ever

It's exactly the same one from the collectors edition but the spine is different.

Why not use the Taken Kings logo

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