Destiny’s The Taken King Favors Newbs Over Loyal Veteran Fans

Long-time Destiny fanatics have been noticing that Destiny's The Taken King offers more to new players than it does to veteran Destiny fans.

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xHeavYx1272d ago

A newb just joining needs to spend $60 to get the game and all DLC. Someone who bought the game, expansion and new DLC will spend $135 (or more if they bought a CE)
That's what pisses me off the most.

Dirtnapstor1272d ago

If I had only known...
The expansion is looking good, but I cannot believe the price point for the collector's edition. New players will get everything thus far, plus the new expansion for less than "round one". Not right for loyalists at all. Bungie needs to rethink things...again.

sevilha821272d ago

Well with all the blunders for the past year i just have to assume one thing,Bungie doesen´t have much to say about their own game,when 500 million where "offered"by Activision,Destiny was not Bungie´s anymore and that´s what you get by selling your soul to the Devil,you just do what He tell`s you to do...

wsoutlaw871272d ago

Its crazy that they can sell you a season pass, then expect you to pay more for the only real substantive expansion. I have been absolutely done with destiny. I actually liked the game a lot but the dlc prices are ridiculous for something that takes one night to play through, and should have been included in the very lacking, original game. The greed here is insane and out op principle I wont get this new expansion or most likely destiny 2.

OUROSMAG1272d ago

Boo hoo... don't like it? buy the 40 dollar upgrade.

MasterD9191272d ago

And this isn't included in the season pass why again?

kratoz12091272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Lol price here in Australia it's $70 this wanna be the greatest expansion ever created,

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