PlayStation 4 is the lead platform for Star Wars Battlefront

An EA rep on the E3 show floor confirmed that the PS4 is the lead platform for Star Wars Battlefront

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PaleMoonDeath1272d ago

Good to know, gameplay looked as fluid as can be.

SpaceRanger1272d ago

It was beautiful!
I'm expecting similar quality on average to advanced PCs.

And it's great to hear that it's the lead platform. It's my número uno game for this year! The anticipation is literally driving me insane.

Horizon will be the following game on my list of anticipation! No games have yet to get as much of my attention (besides MGSV) than the way these have!

PaleMoonDeath1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Timesplitters with jet backs, and optional third person, can a person ask for anything more?

MP game of later part of the year, feel free to add me for some PS4 co-op dude! PSN - Neo-Axl

Edit: This also goes for MGO!

RocketScienceLvlStuf1272d ago

As it should be. PS4 should be lead platform for all multiplatform games. I'd be very surprised if it wasn't.

Developers want their games to look the best that they can do for the console version. Why would they choose to lead development on xbone? So they can see what 900p looks like?

Doubt it.

NatFanBoyRestricted1272d ago

Nope your totally wrong. Pc should lead multiplatform especially when the games based heavily on multiplayer. Pc usually gets patched first. Testing is easier hence BF4 test servers like they had on pc. You have a better range of game tuning on pc the test, even up to 4k. Pc more often has early access, hence stream, which by the way Xbox already has to a small majority, plus EA Access. Ea mentioned they want windows 10 and dx12 to be standard in pc gaming, which should help with everything and not just looks like you prefer. And on top of that, if this game releases glue glitched out, console cries the hardest.

LCEvans1272d ago

xbox can hit 1080p and 60 fps as seen it E3

BubbsyKong1271d ago

Your post is probably as stupid as it gets... as it should be LMAO. I can tell you own a ps4 and are huge fanboy :p If you think Graphics make the game you are wrong, And if you think poeple are excited about 1080p on your dinky console try my 4k pc :) you may see some jaws dropping, I know mine did. In all reality they chose a console that they feels will fit best and atm its Ps4. Not because it has 1080p capabilities LMAOOO (Ridiculous people nowadays on about graphics, man go buy a N64) But because it has a fan-base larger than Xbox atm so that will make it more relevant to the mass population of gamer's. If they were worried about making their game look the best on their main platform, I'm sorry to all you console people out their but they wouldn't even think of you, you would be the equivalent of the Xbox-360 version atm. Point to Point No one cares about 1080p to 920p its the game-play that we look forward to. So get over yourself and your ps4 (I've owned both consoles, Ps4 first, sold it for my xbone then sold it to gain $$ for my pc build. All in all Both next gen console are amazing Im not demeaning them or choosing a side as I was a console gamer on both and liked them both) But in all seriousness common people... It's time to look past the picture and into the game. It's 2015 lets not destroy gaming anymore just yet :)

Bathyj1272d ago

No, no ones saying that.

iDadio1272d ago

It will be in terms of sales, money talks

Thunder_G0d_Bane1272d ago

As a battlefield and Star Wars fan. I'm unimpressed with battlefront. Just doesn't look compelling at all. Luke skywalker model looked like something made 10 years ago and looked like it played horrible too.

I'll be going with Halo 5 and FallOut 4 as my games for this fall.

medman1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Apparently, you've got eyes that give you vision about on par with your average cave dwelling bat. But unlike the bats, you have no echolocation. Seek help.

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chrisx1272d ago

Ps4 is the lead platform for most multiplats this gen.

Sora_19941272d ago

Ps4white and blue star wars console plZ. Also that means November is locked down for sony for npd

OrangePowerz1272d ago

I wouldn't go that far necessarily. It will be difficult to beat MS around the holiday season in the US as it's always the case.

It is interesting though that Sony got the CoD deal and it comes out on black Friday. I'm certainly interested how/if that has any impact.

NatureOfLogic_1272d ago

If Sony does a COD bundle like MS did last year, there's no doubt that PS4 will sell more in November.

strickers1272d ago

No it won't. Surely 360 game sales prive people want games, exclusivity only relevant to certain people. If someone is aa real Halo fan (but not COD or Star Wars) but hasn't bought XB1 yet, that will tip them over. Any Forza fans who haven't bought XB1? By 3rd game in 2 years? Fable doesn't move the needle. Tomb Raider might shift some.
I don't think PlayStation buyers of players will be wondering where the games are Q4, do you?

Relientk771272d ago

It looks really good on PS4, so I'm not surprised

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