Jim Ryan: Sony Becoming the First Thing a Publisher Thinks About When Considering Partnerships

Along with the Street Fighter V console-exclusivity deal and Final Fantasy VII timed-exclusivity deal, Sony announced at E3 2015 that they struck a deal with Activision to become the new partner for Call of Duty, meaning content for the game will appear first on PlayStation going forward.

PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan explained to GameSpot why Sony is managing to get these partnerships, when it seemed to be so difficult in the previous generation.

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DarkOcelet1272d ago

"but if you have 75 to 80 percent of the market, it makes the system easier to sell."

Woah! They have almost 80% of the market in the UK? Thats impressive. Congrats Sony.

TheGreatGamer1272d ago

Not in UK. Some countries in EU like spain for example. In UK I'd say it's near equal (with sony edging ahead slightly probably)

DarkOcelet1272d ago

Oh silly me, i read it wrong.

Still though, 80% in any country is really huge.

Rimeskeem1272d ago

@ Dark

as far as i know, PS4 holds 90-95% of the markets in some coutnries

MightyNoX1272d ago

@Rime: Indeed.

I've said this ages ago in one of my blog posts. More varied library brings more gamers.

With more gamers, Sony can leverage more deals.

So happy to be proven right. :')

Ezz20131272d ago

80-90% of any market is incredible to say the least.

No wonder Sony is the first Thing a publisher thinks about when considering partnerships...and of course because Sony let develpopers do whatever they want with their games.

Nirvana315911272d ago

I live in Canada and work at an electronic store. Right after E3 we have seen a 200% increase in PS4 sales and almost no increase in Xbox One sales. The only place Xbox one seems to be selling is USA even then getting dominated by PS4 in most regions

Army_of_Darkness1272d ago

I don't think partnering with Activision for COD was a great idea considering the slow decline of interest in that franchise now.
They should have invested that money elsewhere, like fallout 4 for example cause I was never interested in that series but, man on man, the E3 demoing was [email protected] awesome!


trenso11272d ago

I'm sorry when was the UK not apart of Europe? That is like saying xbox is selling better than ps4 in Huston Texas but losing overall in America. It doesn't matter when looking at the big picture.

UltraNova1272d ago


Even the Brits dont think they're part of EU, I mean they never agreed (nor will they ever)to take on the EURO, their policies have always been more aligned with the USA rather than the EU and Cameron insists they should vote on leaving EU entirely, while polls indicated that more and more Brits agree with that idea.

So separating UK from EU when we talk politics, demographics, sale trends etc is actually more factual and accurate than including them.

On topic:

I like this guy, he was really honest as he dint go "Hey we re the best, have the most powerful console and the best games, who in the right minds wouldn't want to partner with us?" blah blah blah like some other douches do from time to time.
He was, look people are into our exclusives, we sell a lot of units more than the competition, so it makes it easier for devs to decide where to land their deal but some times it depends on how much cash you or the competition throws at them.

Straight up truth, no filler.

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Thatguy-3101272d ago

It's common sense. That's why a lot of publishers seemed out Microsoft at the beginning of last generation as well. Having a huge chuck of the marketshare comes with perks. Marketing deals are easier and heck even securing third party exclusives become more common.

kneon1272d ago

If the XB1 doesn't stop losing ground to the PS4 then there we may get to the point where the PS4 market share is so overwhelming that some developers just won't bother developing for any console but the PS4.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Awesome. We knew this. Sales matter. Glad I have heard this from Sony.

All games should be PS4 exclusive. Hopefully this will happen more and more as time goes on.


Umm because PS4 is the best console

Elit3Nick1272d ago

Woah there really? Why should all games be PS exclusive?

Gameseeker_Frampt1272d ago

"All games should be PS4 exclusive"

Hopefully not. Competition is what makes things better. Every company that has dominated the market has invariably grown arrogant and stumbled with a console (N64, PS3, Xbox One). Thankfully there were alternatives that allowed gamers to speak with their wallets and not purchase a console since they could get games somewhere else.

Letthewookiewin1272d ago

Apparently if you have an X1 sales don't matter ("I play games not sales numbers") lol, well.... It's finally catching up to these people and they'll see real fast why sales matter. Its already begun.

Elit3Nick1272d ago

A subjective and very fanboyish comment

tinynuggins1272d ago

I agree. I love MS in second place. It makes them hungry and they do their best against the ropes. Love how they focusing more on their first party now. It's a win/win.

xKugo1272d ago

All games? want Xbox to die completely?

Bathyj1272d ago

This person does not speak for all Playstation Gamers.

bigpiece1272d ago Show
nunley331272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I like PlayStation but i don't want all games on PS4,that's just too much. This is how it was with the PS2. XBOX got many 3rd party games and so did gamecube but neither had many 3rd party exclusives.

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claudionmc1272d ago

As said, not in UK, but yes in the rest of Europe...

In LATAM the situation is even more impressive... Here in Chile it's like 90%-93% of the market.

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SpaceRanger1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

THIS is why sales matter! Plain and simple, there's really no denying it.

We saw it last gen and we're definitely seeing it this gen with such a huge percentage of the console market taken by Sony.
More consoles sold = more support from third party devs = more games on that specific console + more exclusive content/ games.

S2Killinit1272d ago

I think its more than just sales. Sony has been good to developers.

DragonDDark1272d ago

Indeed. The last guardian is a great example

Persistantthug1272d ago

Just out of curiosity,
What does being good to developers have to do with THE LAST GUARDIAN?

Majin-vegeta1272d ago

Horizon is also another good example.

Bathyj1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )


I think he means any other publisher would have cancelled it by now and Sony puts faith in developers to come through.

Sunny_D1271d ago


He probably means that the developers for TLG have a vision for the game they weren't able to achieve with the PS3'S hardware and came across underperformance. Sony allowed them to shift their development to the much more powerful PS4 and achieve it. Like BathyJ said, other publishers would have cancelled it by now.

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bradleejones1272d ago

@ persistantthug. If I remember correctly Sony sent Japan studio or Santa montica in to help them fix / finish the game. Would have never happened otherwise I think I had read at some point. I think that is what he was referring to. Also Sony making the shenmue kick starter in the news, probably funding it. Then how they treat indies with support. Just a few examples. Not sure if the last guardian bit is accurate but I am sire that is part of what he's talking about.

FallenAngel19841272d ago

Some ignorant people to this day still think sales don't matter

BlackTar1871272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

. Both parties and both fanboys at times think they don't matter and that's just because they were or are losing.

I think everyone who has any common sense at all knows sales matter for this.

What's to disagree with? CommonSense says Sales mean more investment from First to third Parties for any business. This is just how it works.

averagejoe261272d ago

You must understand by now that disagrees are not a logical thing on this site.

An xbot fanboy sees something positive about Sony or negative about Microsoft... Doesn't matter if it's the truest thing in the world... They're going to instantly click that disagree button

PSN_ZeroOnyx1272d ago

Both? Name a single generation xbox outsold PlayStation? Even last gen PS3 outsold 360 year after year which is why 360 found itself in 3rd place in the end.

BlackTar1871272d ago


I understand that at the finish line ps3 sold more but up until the final stretch Xbox had a decent lead 80% of the last generation and they had the rights to a lot of stuff because of the initial 1 yr of no competition release they had.

tinynuggins1272d ago

They matter to an extent. Not really for Xbox and Sony though since they are both doing so well. It's when you get to that dangerous Wii u status that you begin to lose support.

XanderZane1272d ago

It matters in the beginning, but once both consoles hit that 25-30 million mark, it's not going to matter as much. Publishers will know that any popular "AAA" game will easily sell a few million copies on either platform. The only platform that will probably still be hurt by this is Nintendo's Wii U.

wegetsignalx1272d ago

By the time Xbox hits 25 million, PS4 will be 45-50 million.

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