Guerrilla was worried it would get 'slaughtered' by community over Horizon: Zero Dawn leak

Guerrilla has said that it was shocked to see concept art for Horizon: Zero Dawn leak online almost a year ahead of its official announcement, and was worried that without any explanation, it would "get slaughtered" by the community over the game's concept.

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-Foxtrot1273d ago

I think our main reaction was

"Thank God they are doing something new and it's not a FPS"

MasterCornholio1273d ago

Well yeah that was my reaction. Pretty happy that Guerilla is doing this.

Kingthrash3601273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Me too... It shows they have more talent than kill zone. So tired of Fps games...this was a refreshing game needed by the industry ....not super refreshing but it's great to have hype over a new game that's not a Fps.
First it was Titan fall then advanced warfare now this.

Testfire1273d ago

Its pretty sad when devs think players only want military fps games. I'm glad they took the risk and I hope other devs mix up the variety a bit. I'd like to see Sucker Punch do something other than Infamous, SSM do something other than GOW, etc.

HunterOfHunters1273d ago

When i first saw the concept art i thought wow it looks real nice. Seeing the gameplay trailer just blew me away. I love the fact that u have to be a little more strategic than just pumping as much ammo as u can on the dino-robots. I cant wait to get it.

abstractel1273d ago

@Testfire I don't think that's true. There's a huge range of diverse successful games out there. Recent massive success that's as far away from military FPS you can get is The Witcher 3. Before that Bloodborne. Then you have Batman which you can guess is going to be a huge success and is looking to play fantastic. Then we have Ori and the Blind Forest that has sold well for an indie title (I love it).

People love to generalize it seems, but there's a huge diversity of games out there. Not every game is going to be to your specific liking, but there's nothing wrong with people who like COD, KZ and Titanfall.

avengers19781273d ago

This my most anticipated game right now. I hope we get it next year. It looks amazing and gameplay wise GG always delivers. I was totally blown away by the demo.

NukaCola1273d ago

You know what my biggest turn on for this game is:

Peter Molyneux never released B.C. My most anticipated XBOX game. But we got Fable which was just a disappointment year in and out. I wanted that open world caveman game with dinos, and survival. Tribes, and hunting, such.

Well Guerrilla is doing that. But they are AMPing up the game with robot dinosaurs, hardcore gameplay that requires fast paced thinking and strategy. The world looks amazing. And I am expecting that there will be some creatures out there that will be a tad bit bigger than what we have seen in the game. I hope gamescom brings a new demo.

Lord_Sloth1273d ago

^ Fable was only a disappointment if you based your expectations on the windbag's interviews. After the 1st Fable I didn't listen to anything he said and was never disappointed.

subtenko1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

If the gaming community doesnt like it an appreciate Horizon, F em.... I''' help spread the word cause this looks fantastic and the amount of work justifys the price. Guerrilla Games are like family to me.

DarXyde1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Very much agreed. I think, to most, Killzone has always played second fiddle to Halo in terms of fun factor and it never did live up to the title of "Halo Killer" to most gamers and the media. It did gain a great following with its weightier controls, but in the end, not a Halo Killer.

I never could get into FPS games after GoldenEye and I played and owned KZ2, but it wasn't a grand experience. I did like it more than Halo 3, but I suspect I'm in the minority. Point is, bought into the hype and couldn't enjoy either of those games too terribly much. Thus, Bungie and Guerilla were more or less blacklisted from my list of interesting developers. Bungie still is given they're still FPS only developers or seems, but after seeing Horizon, GG is honestly looking fantastic. Never doubted their talent, just their presence as far as FPS games.

Given they've yet to beat out other popular FPS games with Killzone, I'm very happy to see them throw their hat in other arenas. They've got talent and I'd like them to discover their potential in other genres.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1273d ago

Yes true. There was no need to be worried.

And this looks like one of the best new ip's to be announced in a long time.

Awesome trailer and gameplay demo.

HaveAsandwich1273d ago

lol yep. my thoughts exactly.

Bathyj1273d ago

Yeah but still, if I said "we're going to make a game with Robo Dinosaurs" you would probably roll you eyes and say REALLY?

Who would have though this premise would have been so unanimously praised and rightly so. We all knew what was coming yet were all genuinely surprised with it.

And from a dev that was sitting comfortable in their pigeon hole as successful FPS developer. Thats the best thing about this, seeing Guerrilla break out of their mould. It remains to be seen if their have the chops for a deep RPG experience, but from what I've seen it looking good. Its looking very, very good.

1273d ago
3-4-51273d ago

* I like that a FPS dev went specifically against their chosen genre or past genre or work.

Lets me know they really are trying something different and not just talking the talk, but at least attempting to walk the walk as well.

Kidmyst1273d ago

So these first appeared on a Chinese forum and GG didn't know how they got out? More Chinese hackers supposedly?

IamTylerDurden11273d ago

Not my reaction, i happen to love GG's work, fps and all.

My reaction was "awesome concept, i can not wait to see more. I'm excited to see these guys do an open world".

I was glad to see something new, but certainly not "thank god it's not an fps" as if they make bad fps? It's nice to see GG spread their wings and attempt a new genre with the help of talented ppl who've worked on Fallout, Shadow of Mordor, co desined the Nemesis system, Witcher 3 ect.

I'd definitely prefer Horizon, but don't get it twisted, Guerrilla as a whole made great fps.

showtimefolks1272d ago

I am sad they think that, we were so excited to see them spread their wings.

Congrats your game looks awesome

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Relientk771273d ago

The concept art just made me excited for the reveal of the game and wow it was worth the wait

Dlacy13g1273d ago

Dinobots and post apocalyptic is a great mix if you ask me. This is shaping up to be a bit hit.

NewAgeisHere1273d ago

Well, this concept was a risk, but it's clear that it paid off..........people are looking for new type of gaming experiences. That's also why nobody is talking about Halo or Black Ops 3. Gamers are getting sick of the same old crap.

Horizon is a clear example of a fresh, new idea that is generating a lot of interest among gamers and positive media coverage.

See? taking a risk ain't so bad after all.

Thatguy-3101273d ago

Totally agree with you and I'm shocked as well. If you notice a lot of coverage an amazement is coming from this title. Not that the stapled franchises are bad just that people already know what to expect from them. Even though I'm a huge fan of Uncharted, but Horizon stole the show for me because it's something new and my curiosity is at its peak.

nX1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Indeed, new IP's are the lifeblood of this industry. The day everything is being turned into a franchise is the day I'll stop buying games alltogether. Creativity, innovation and imagination are making me play games after all these years.

skulz71273d ago

Yet this turned out to be my favourite game at E3. Its a new IP and its concept is absolutely phenomenal. Mechanical dinosaurs in a primitive setting. Nothing like this has ever been done. Can't wait to see more gameplay and play it!

Sevir1273d ago

Well they are machines... The Dinosaur was just one type of the robots... One of the machines that Aloy fired an arrow at, looked like a deer, and the Giant machine that ambushed her at the end of the trailer was something of a Giant Robo Hawk and less of pterodactyl. It looks like the robots will be fashion after specific types rather than just prehistoric... The T-Rex battle was epic. I would love to see the behind closed doors demo of Horizon:ZD.

It was honestly the BEST New IP of E3 and totally stole the thunder from mega announcements like Fallout, Halo, Tomb Raider and Even Uncharted. And those games listed had some fantastic Showings.

I seriously am shocked that GG was able to create something that amazing... Truely beyond The Last Guardian, Shenmue 3 and FF7 remake, this is the Biggest game announcements of E3... I was really impressed.

You only get IPs like this on PS4.

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