Sony and Oculus share notes on making virtual reality mainstream

Shuhei Yoshida: "We know each other very well," Yoshida said. "Brendan [Iribe, the CEO of Oculus] used to work at Gaikai. Palmer [Luckey, the founder of Oculus], before he started the Kickstarter, we knew him. So we share the same understanding that when a company like ours makes efforts, commercial efforts, as a well-funded company with commercial backing, and they are now as well with Facebook backing."

"We have to make sure that system is super good, because the worse thing, and Palmer always said that the worst thing that could happen to VR is that some big company comes up with some mid-quality system and muddy the water. He was actually talking about us. He was talking to us," Yoshida said.

"When we were talking at GDC we always invite each other to demos and exchange opinions," Yoshida said. "And we were laughing, because [Luckey] was very happy to try this years Morpheus. I was like, 'oh yeah we passed the Palmer test. We almost passed the John Carmack test and the Mike Abrash test.'

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maybelovehate1250d ago

I thought it was interesting that the main component of the Microsoft partnership with Valve VR and Occulus was to make a single VR API that would make development easier for Programmers. I wonder if Sony is going to use that API for Morpheus as well? Be pretty awesome if all VR games could run across the different VR hardware.

SteamPowered1250d ago

It would definitely help out programmers and publishers alike. If a VR studio can make a game to transcend their VR unit, it will only help VR get the mainstream push that it needs to lift off the ground. I would hate to be tethered to an HMD depending on what apps/games I want to run.

aerisbueller1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Yes, there's also OSVR ( I think/hope they all realize that once they get their respective products out there with their initial offerings for api's, motion control, etc, that the only way forward is a common api. Not just for VR graphically, but for head, body, and hand tracking, and eventually gaze tracking. Every random company that has a crazy awesome idea about motion control can't just keep making their own api. They need to figure out all the variables and states they're tracking and setting that they have in common with eachothers' head and body tracking, and visual processing, and keep that in the universal api.

It's going to be very annoying if I choose Vive or Oculus, and half the VR enabled games don't work with it. Or I switch from Vive to Oculus because I like the display better or something, and now I can't move my hands in Vive games.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually announce Oculus support for XBox One, which will run Windows 10 eventually, which has 'VR support built in'. That seems like a megaton they wouldn't want to drop until they could demo it.

nucky641250d ago

I don't care what VR is being offered or who is offering it - if all of them combined can get 40+ million to buy the thing and strap it on their head, I'd be shocked.

SteamPowered1250d ago

All new tech starts somewhere. This gen of hmd may not hit the high water mark, but it's still in its infancy. Imagine the first toaster or cell phone, they sure weren't a polished product by today's standards. Yet today, they are in every household.
Everyone from Sony, Microsoft, Nvidia, valve, Samsung, fove, etc are making a VR hmd. They are even filming live events in 360 degrees. Companies are investing hugely. There is a reason: VR is incredible!
I have played the Ocukus DK2 quite a bit and let me tell you, it will change you. Now a flat screen feels like rubbing dirt in my eyes.

traumadisaster1250d ago

Everything you said is true.

Re-read the comment and replace VR with 3D and it's all been said before.

SteamPowered1250d ago


Try an Oculus. Come back and reread my comments. You will be a believer.

Pandamobile1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

@trauma Dude 3D and VR aren't even in the same league... VR is the real-deal this time around. As soon as they get this things into Best Buys and Walmarts, the common tech buyers are gonna have their minds blown wide open.

darx1250d ago

Agree! Their gonna need more than just notes to get VR in to the opinion...never gonna happen.

Eonjay1250d ago

I love the honest commentary here.

strickers1250d ago

This 3D is like VR stuff can only be said by someone who hadn't used VR. Not even in the the ballpark