Hardcore Gamer - E3 2015: Gears of War Ultimate Edition Delivers Definitive Experience

Hardcore Gamer - Gears of War is entering its tenth year next year. Earlier this year, word came out about Gears of War being remade for the current generation of hardware. They wanted to get something new in the hands of players while making Gears 4.

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EvilWay945d ago

My favorite game of all time. I am absolutely loving it so far. I love the little changes they made to the game, I wish they would take out active sniper down

StrayaKNT945d ago

Best game I've played this year so far it is just sooooooooo fun

HaveSumNuts945d ago

How many games did you play this year? Your collection must be scarce or your taste in games must be horrible if a multi player beta of a remastered 2006 game is your GOTY so far.

nucky64944d ago

when you say "best game" - what are you comparing it to? I don't remember any games releasing on the x1 this year (other than the excellent ori)

Sureshot945d ago

A game worthy of a remaster. Along with FFVII

StrayaKNT944d ago

This game absolutely curb stomps ff7 how dare you put them in the same sentence and embarrass gears like that -.-

Snookies12944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

Uh, no. Gears is a really fun game, but to say it beats out FF VII is a bit much.

WilDRangeRfc943d ago

If you like weird anime rpg games then you can put them in the same sentence,I really dont understand the tastes of some gamers,TLOUR MP and Gears MP are all I need to be happy,to each their own but I cant imagine gaming without tense,teambased,adrenaline filled TPS

spicelicka944d ago

Simply amazing multiplayer, can't believe a 9 year old game trumps most most multiplayer games today. I can't get enough of it.

It really feels like a remastered version of the game, it's much smoother than how the original feels.

N8944d ago

Yeah the first thing I said was I can't wait to play the multiplayer again. The last of us multiplayer is similar to it in some ways if you ever want to try that out.

spicelicka944d ago

Oh I have last of us, amazing game also. But last of us is more survival based, this is more action. Both amazing in their own regard.

But I still think gears is untouched in the tps multiplayer scene

WilDRangeRfc943d ago

TLOUR Multiplayer + Gears Multiplayer = Gaming Heaven,both are my fav online games cant stop playing TLOUR online it is so addictive.
I beast on TLOUR MP but only have 1.5 KD on Gears most times,Gears is harder but I love both and could literally play them for the rest of my life and be happy

Deathdeliverer944d ago

Although it still amazes me how many bullets it takes to down someone at times, it continues to be a fun game. I always thought gears and gears 2 were the best out the entire series. This reminds me why. I have fallen behind though. I'm getting murdered in the beta. I simply don't have the free time to devote to it like I did years ago. Some of these other guys play like they never put the controller down.

Revolt13944d ago

Nope, Gears 3 is the best, most balanced gameplay.
Still love 1 and 2 though.

maybelovehate944d ago

Yeah, I just run with shotgun haha. The rifle takes way to many shot. But it is good to soften them up a bit.

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Doja944d ago

I have to agree with revolt. Gears 3 feels almost perfect compared to 1 and 2. Gears 3 also had my digital camo Theron guard with matching gnasher. I hope they have a lot of character and skin choices.

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jokerisalive944d ago

Yes it does and at a rock solid 1080/60 - Gears has never looked or played better - congrats Coalition and MS for giving fans what they want from a great series.

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