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Ubisoft is on fire with its running string of new game reveals at the end of their E3 press conferences, and this year's was as exciting as any other. Among the finales we've seen over the past few years, we hadn't seen Ubisoft reveal an existing franchise in a new genre, until they did just that yesterday.

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-Foxtrot1272d ago

I don't know man. The world looks very bland compared to other open world games

Ghost Recon is not something which needed the open world treatment.

Seems like a new IP to me.

DarkOcelet1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I take everything Ubisoft make with a huge grain of salt.

With the repetitive nature in their games, i expect no less in this one. And i am pretty sure the next time we see this game, the visuals will take a hit too.

-Foxtrot1272d ago

I'm expecting a tower or safe house which when interacted with it will reveal a chunk of the map

I mean out of all the worlds they've done this doesn't look very fun...and that's what open world games are supposed to be like. Looks like it could get very repetitive at times.

If you want that sort of stuff support Just Cause 3.

Why turn Ghost Recon into something it's not. If they are really about risk then do a new IP, don't slap Ghost Recon onto it which will use the same gameplay mechanics found in all their open world games

MysticStrummer1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Looks like great fun to me, especially if there's co-op. If there isn't co-op, the AI better be up to the task. Ghost Recon is a natural for the open world treatment imo. More open = more tactical possibilities.

spicelicka1272d ago

What??? This was one of the best games in all of E3!

-Foxtrot1272d ago

Out of all the good games at E3. It's not even in the top 10

But then again that's my opinion countering "your" opinion

Chard1272d ago

What exactly do you think Ghost Recon is supposed to be? It's a tactical shooter - and they lend themselves well to open world.

starchild1272d ago

This was one of the best game reveals for me. I think an open world structure will work very well for a new Ghost Recon game. The gameplay they showed off looked like a lot of fun. And the graphics of this game were some of the very best at E3.

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loopygames1272d ago

I'm calling it now, Splinter Cell open world game, coming Ubisoft E3 2016.

jv19911272d ago

I keep faith in ubisoft unlike you guys. You people complain to much. If you dont like the game dont buy it and dont be negative about it. If people do like it they buy it and have a great time. I for one dont like uncharted. And you all wanted the last guardian but that game looks lame to me. A little puppet with a creature of many animals in 1. But its just my taste of games and of other with there own taste. Dont complain if you dont like it. You dont see me complain about uncharted it looks great but its not my thing.

-Foxtrot1272d ago

After all the shit they've done?

Hey if you have kept faith (somehow) fine but don't call people who have lost faith in them. It's not like they made one little mistake and we crucified them for it.

People have their reasons.

jv19911272d ago

The only complain i had was about the crew that was not good. But i didnt have problems with unity. And about the downgrades i dont really mind you know i jumped from ps2 to ps4 with only 3/4 year of ps3 gaming so it all looks good to me whatever people are saying. I think if you want all those graphics that u need to buy a beast of a pc and i dont want to give so much money on that. Im glad with my ps4 and i only need some external hdd support thats all i need. And for people who only want graphics, just look at ps1/2 games. Did they have great graphics? No but we didnt care because they were excellent games.

ScorpiusX1272d ago

This is what Hardline should have been , cause this game look Feckin awesome.

Ravenheartzero1272d ago

This was a genuine surprise for me tbh. Played ghost recon before but never really got into it, but this appealed to me, gonna keep an eye on it.

MysticStrummer1272d ago

"Played ghost recon before but never really got into it, but this appealed to me"

Same here. Never have liked the series but this looks cool. Being from Ubi I'll expect a certain degree of visual drop off but the game play looks fun to me, especially if there is co-op. I have a friend who loves to snipe, so as soon as I saw the long distance part of the gameplay I imagined him covering me as I move into the enemy camp.

Kingdomcome2471272d ago

This game could deliver a really cool co-op experience, if executed properly. Far Cry 4's co-op was surprisingly good in my opinion. Especially coordinating with a friend to expertly liberate outposts. I think they can deliver a great co-op experience within this game's framework, and I'll consider it a big missed opportunity if co-op gameplay is excluded. Ubisoft really has a chance here at delivering some amazing tactical shooter co-op experiences with this, Rainbow Six:Siege, and The Division. Here's to them succeeding.

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