Keep Your Expectations in Check For Everything We Saw at E3 This Year

OnlySP: With E3 2015 nearly over, it's time we take a step back and set our expectations for the upcoming months and year ahead.

Every E3, developers show off their upcoming games, usually with some amazing footage that sets fans' expectations and hype through the roof. It's fun, it's exciting and sometimes it can even be a bit misleading as we've seen time and time again. As I've scoured the Internet for new details on games to cover over the past week, I've noticed one trend that I see occur every year and know exactly where it leads to after each E3:

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DarkOcelet1279d ago

"We know “downgrades” happen all the time in the games industry, and each time the Internet seems to be taken by surprise when it happens. "

Naughty Dog or Guerrilla Games will not downgrade either Uncharted 4 or Horizon. Uncharted 4 already looks better than Pre Alpha demo and GG only upgrade their games.

If anyone think Killzone 2 was downgraded, then check again.

PockyKing1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Didn't say those games specifically were or were going to be downgraded. Just talking in general about game reveals setting expectations so high that when something small changes, people notice and thus we get claims of downgrades and all that jazz.

Also put "downgrades" in quotes because people use that term way too much ;)

DarkOcelet1279d ago

I think the only company that will most likely 'downgrade' their games is Ubisoft. The Division took a huge hit. From that jaw dropping reveal to the average looking game.

It will most likely contain the (URF) Ubisoft Repetitive formula too.

PockyKing1279d ago

Yea, The Division did take a hit. I think Ghost Recon: Wildlands looked pretty representative of what we'll see from the game. Plus, building new propriety engine for that one.

ThichQuangDuck1279d ago

I am more worried about gameplay than graphics personally

Concertoine1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Uncharted 4 has already been downgraded. It was 60 fps at PSX (or was it Gamescom...) and now targets 30.

To be clear i personally dont care as much about downgrades as most, as long as the games good.

Ceaser98573611279d ago

you need to check your facts. It was very well and clearly mentioned That the PSX UC4 demo was at 1080p 30fps . And from the fans reactions and personally I don't see any downgrade also if you're comparing a cutscene with a gameplay than you really need to grow up.

Concertoine1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )


I see, you are correct about the PSX demo. But there's no need to get all hostile, dude. Especially since all the "grown ups" back at E3 2014 who said the demo wouldnt represent the final game were just called trolls or something like that.

My point was that games go through some crazy transformations throughout development. Uncharted 4 was originally targetting 60 fps, and is now looking fine at 30. Downgrades arent the end of the world, they're a process of development. Sometimes they are the product of dishonesty of course, but not always.

cannon88001279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )


Naughty Dog said that 60 fps was their target. They never promised that it was going to be 60 fps. Later they said that they are not going to sacrifice any of the hard-work and effort that went into making uncharted 4 look so amazing, just to increase the frame rates.

Everything that I mentioned was gathered from articles here in, so I'm not pulling stuff out my bum.

assdan1279d ago

Naughty dog said they were trying to get 60fps, but never promised it.

guyman1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

"Uncharted 4 has already been downgraded"

Either: 1) Get glasses
2) Think before you type
3) Back up your ridiculously weak statement with facts.

Visually, the game was on par if not better than psx demo. The game was never going to be 60 fps with fidelity like that

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someOnecalled1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

remember this. i doubt if a sony dev dont deliver people would call them out. sony sneaked psn charges while stating their would be no drm during their e3 conference and people justified it after bashing people that stated that they said so.

take a look at these videos.

devs always do this no matter what platfrom so if something is not up to par i really wont care but that doesnt mean to act like it doesnt happen to 1st party devs because it always happen. we can find millions of examples no matter what platform. GG normally downgrade their games. they even do tricks to get it done. even in the beginning in uc4 demo the game broke and when they got it working the frame was at a snails pace. the game is going to be great though but the consoles dont have unlimited resources and devs are not doing some kind of voodoo like fanboys would make it seem.

someOnecalled1279d ago

tlou was downgrade they had to dumb down the game. i would be surprised if the number of citizen in the street is less because of restraints. the game nearly exploded because of it.

Silly gameAr1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Spotie's right. You need to stop it. So much whining and made up facts in the comment sections lately.

I_am_Batman1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Lol. That first video on TLOU: "This was a game I was extremely excited to play. But sadly it ended up being one of the most disappointing expiriences I had all year.".

Then puts it into context by saying: "The Last of Us is far from a bad game and there were FAR worse games released in 2013. But I didn't expect games like Dmc or Bioshock Infinite to be good."


starchild1279d ago

What I've noticed is that if any change happens during the development of a multiplatform game it's called a "downgrade", whether it factually is or not. On the other hand, if an exclusive undergoes a change it's always called an "upgrade", whether it truly is or not. The goal among fanboys is always to downplay multiplatform games and hype up exclusives.

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Chaosdreams1279d ago

Well anything with Ubisoft's name attached to it, ya, be wary.

AnotherProGamer1279d ago

DICE don't really downgrade their games, BF3 and 4 looksed like their reveal graphics

HmongAmerican1279d ago

SONY first party game always delivers on it promise. Third party though I have to keep an eye for them.

slappy5081279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

There's no ways I cannot be excited for Horizon, sorry.

sovkhan1279d ago

Never set my expectations too high and this e3 went well beyond any expectation...

So please let the people enjoy these rare moments...

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