Kursk Dev Excited By DirectX 12's Potential, Hopes It Will Affect Xbox One Games Development

Michal Stepien is optimistic about DirectX 12 and its impact on games development.

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Godz Kastro1273d ago

Im excited with you...Kursk!

SirJoJo1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Bit of a stupid question, of course it will. To be honest though I'm so fed up with hearing about it now, I just wanna play some great games!

turdburgler10801273d ago

My Russian submarine history is a bit foggy but didn't everyone die on the kursk? They determined that a torpedo exploded in the forward torpedo room and blew back several bulkheads pancaking the forward compartments. After they raised it they discovered a few sailors in the very last compartment managed to survive only to discover that the escape hatch was fubar thus sealing their fate. Can't imagine the game ends well.

raggy-rocket1273d ago

inb4 'Knew it was gamingbolt before I clicked'. Great, well done you, stfu and stop clicking on the articles if you don't want them to be so popular.